Mark’s Musings – January 10, 2018

| January 10, 2018

Mark Fortune

Finally we have a bit of a reprieve from the bitter cold temperatures. By now, you’ve heard your share of “It’s so cold outside that . . .” so I will just not go there. I have nothing original anyway.

I heard that over 3,000 fans braved the cold to attend the 0-16 Browns “parade”. Let’s hope that a season like the one just concluded does not loom over Lake Erie like lake effect snow for the next several seasons. The question that lingers now is – do the Browns take a quarterback or opt for other position players? Everyone knows that along with a solid defense you gotta have a good quarterback as evidenced by the teams that advance to the playoffs. Is there another Tom Brady or Drew Brees out there somewhere?

Although I am not that keen on either team – my pick is Georgia in the National Championship game.

How ‘bout them Buckeyes? The scarlet and gray knocked off (before the Buckeyes loss) then number one Michigan State on the hardwoods Sunday afternoon in an 80-64 victory.

Have you read the book yet? Oh come on! You know the one. The only book that everyone is talking about is of course, “Fire and Fury”. Truth? Lies? Half-truths? Will we ever really know?

How many of your New Year’s resolutions have you kept? Or should I say, are still in the running for 2018? There are several obstacles that we have to face to keep these resolutions. Here’s the dilemma the way I see it. We live in Ohio – which is a cool thing of course – but the weather changes can make it difficult to not opt for hibernation in January instead of getting outside and partaking in some winter sports. That would be exercise which is always high on the resolution list.

Let’s shift to healthy eating. The problem is three-fold in this area the way I see it. First, we are faced with the wonderful leftovers from the holidays, typically in the form of cookies and candy. Yum! But it’s a problem nonetheless for our resolution.

Second are the cold, snowy Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings when we are stuck indoors watching playoff football, college hoops, hockey, the Weather channel, a non-biased news channel or maybe the Hallmark channel- out comes the chips, pretzels, popcorn and of course, the leftover cookies and candy. Problem.

Thirdly, that big game of all games looms in early February. This is perhaps the largest problem of all. We literally – or most of us anyway – hunker down for an afternoon and evening of snacking while we watch and discuss the big game. It is the single best day for pizza in the U.S. with 48 million Americans ordering takeout or delivery for the big game. For many of us, it IS about the food especially if our favorite team is not playing. We will still watch the game but our favorite dip becomes our most valuable player. And if you’re lucky, you may be able to scrounge up a final leftover Christmas cookie that has been in hiding since New Year’s Eve.

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