Mark’s Musings – January 16, 2019

| January 15, 2019

Mark Fortune

I thought I heard the pattering of hooves this morning . . . but no, it was that the Cavs beat the Lakers? Really? Is this a fantasy land of make believe now? Unicorns are grazing outside my window for sure – if I only look. Not only that but that win broke a 12 game losing streak for the Cavs – but wait – there’s more to this story. Just like the famous – or maybe infamous – Ginsu knives commercial where they keep adding things to your fantastic bundle of toys – yes, the Lakers were without LeBron. Oh gosh.

This Saturday marks the seventh annual Health, Safety & Wellness Expo at Kids America – this is a tremendous opportunity to receive several health checks, lab tests, and much more. The Coshocton County Chamber of Commerce, along with the Coshocton Regional Medical Center and the Coshocton County Chamber of Commerce Safety Council sponsor this event and it is worthwhile to put it on your calendar for this Saturday morning, Jan. 19.

And while the various lab tests are available for a nominal charge, the majority of this event is free and that includes admission and parking! You didn’t have anything else planned for a Saturday morning in January right? Plan to attend – but remember if you are having blood drawn for the tests, you need a 12 hour fast! Thanks to all of those that make this event possible each year. It’s a lot of work setting things up if you are a vendor and especially for the folks from the Chamber and the hospital – they go above and beyond to make this event go.

Our first significant snowfall did not quite live up to expectations – of course, the range of snowfall predicted was all across the board with this particular storm – called Gia. Thankfully we missed the largest amounts of snowfall! But extreme cold weather is headed our way this weekend so plan ahead and stay bundled up.

Positive things are happening and positive people are stepping up to help make these things happen across Coshocton County. The city of Coshocton is running water to Hillsdale Drive just outside Coshocton and with the amount of people in our area that have to haul water this is a good thing. People should not have to haul water in the year 2019. Safe, clean drinking water should be the right of every American. It’s in the Bill of Rights. Okay, it’s not but you get the point.

So the Browns have a new coach. I think most would agree that this is a great choice especially considering that Kitchens and quarterback Baker Mayfield have a good relationship. Provided Mayfield stays healthy the playoffs next year is my prediction.

Speaking of predictions, who is your pick to make the Super Bowl? Are you picking the youngster over the veteran in the AFC? Can anyone beat the Saints at home? Regardless this weekend’s championship matchups are some of the best in recent memory. Let’s just hope that the real thing lives up to the hype which, as we all know, sometimes does not. My pick – the Saints and the Chiefs. My gut tells me that the Patriots could take out the Chiefs but Arrowhead Stadium is not a fun place for opposing teams to play.

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