Mark’s Musings – January 25, 2012

| January 25, 2012
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

A bit of snow always seems to provide a bit of wintertime inspiration and motivation for me. I must admit, though, as I age, it is not nearly as much fun as days gone by when we flew down the hills on our store bought sleds and homemade toboggans that we fashioned from a piece of old steel barn roofing. That worked really well. Dangerous? Of course. But we didn’t really think about it much. We were busy having fun.

Watched any good movies lately? Take the family to see “War Horse”, a feel good story set amidst the backdrop of World War I. The war scenes are somewhat gritty but not anything close to “Saving Private Ryan”. It’s a positive story of grit, determination and courage. Although the pace of the movie drags a bit here and there, it’s a typical Spielberg film, with twists and turns where you don’t expect them. A recently released movie to see is “Courageous”, a positive uplifting story about the challenges and trials that people face on a daily basis and how they overcome them through faith.

Our community needs to get behind any and all efforts to keep the Canal Boat operating this year. While it may not be something that you’ve ever ridden as a local, tourists come to our community to step back in time in Roscoe Village, enjoy our golf courses, hunt our woods and meadows, dine in our restaurants, shop in our stores, stay in our motels and much more. These same tourists can enjoy the leisurely pace and tranquility of the Canal Boat ride as they watch the slow ripples of water makes their way to shore. Tourists bring dollars. Dollars create jobs. Jobs are what we need. The unemployment rate is falling because many have “suspended” their job search. When you read or hear about a local effort to keep our very own lady of the seas operating, consider jumping on board. The job you save could be your own.

This edition of The Beacon contains our first “Wedding Planner” section. I hope you find it an enjoyable read and the information useful if you are in the midst of planning a wedding. If you’re not, you might enjoy looking through it from the perspective of realizing what our community has to offer in this arena. While we were not able to capture comments from every business that caters to this segment of the population, I hope that we did, at least, provide our readers and community with pertinent information. I am proud of the effort our team put forth to make this section happen and am grateful to those that participated through their advertising support and those that talked to our news team. Thank you. Please email me any suggestions for next year, [email protected].

I firmly believe that our community is poised on the brink of tremendous opportunity. The Utica Shale can provide so very much with jobs, dollars invested with mineral leases and dollars spent by workers in restaurants, housing, shops, businesses and more. We do need to move forward with some caution. Regardless of which side of this you are on, one thing is for certain; the impact on our community will be long-term. Do some research, ask questions of the right people and gain knowledge before you yourself proceed. Asking Uncle Billy or your neighbor might be okay for advice on baking cookies or how to cook your Thanksgiving turkey in a garbage can, but this is just a tad more important.

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