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Mark’s Musings – January 29, 2020

| January 28, 2020

Mark Fortune

As promised my column is returning just in time for a true big game prediction. Did you know that the words S____ B___ are copyrighted by the NFL? I think I read this somewhere but hey, let’s err on the side of caution, shall we?

I am still predicting Kansas City behind superstar quarterback Patrick Mahommes to beat the 49’ers by two touchdowns. Those that truly follow the game much more than I do may have a different take on this and that’s fine.

Has the recent bout of cold and flu made its way to your home? It got me with a vengeance on Friday as I shivered through most of the day until heading home in the late afternoon – thinking that I was going to throw my back out on the way home. Well, now it’s Sunday and despite our best precautions it appears that the little lady has come under the influence as well. Whatever this is, it’s nasty but there are many variants much worse I’m sure.

So, Dad always said chicken noodle soup is good for what ails you – whether a cold or the flu. Somewhere in the back of my brain I can hear my parents saying, “Feed a cold and starve a fever.”

But not really knowing what this is – whether a bad cold or some weird strain of the flu where you just don’t quite feel good, your body aches, you can’t get warm and although you try to sleep most of the day – or night – you can’t quite get comfortable. I bet some of you can relate.

Back to the food. Nothing really sounded good so some hot green tea with a dab of honey, a few crackers (plain) and a graham cracker or two has helped sustain me through the weekend. Oh, yeh, this is Sunday afternoon and although my temperature spiked on Saturday afternoon it has continued to decline with a few ebbs and flows here and there.

Again, back to the food. When a blueberry fry pie sits on the counter for more than – I would say about 30 minutes if that at our house – there is a problem. And there is. It is still sitting there. When sweets are not appealing to a Fortune, there is a definite problem.

Oh gosh. I have to start wrapping this up somehow. Remember, it was not about the illness, we all get an ailment from time to time and I am not looking for any sympathy here – it was really about the food.

Those drinks with electrolytes in them are really good thirst quenchers but I refrain from using the term because the words are probably copyrighted too.

Let’s wrap it up shall we? I started with chicken noodle soup and that is where we are going to finish. This is a popular brand that must also remain nameless – yep, you got it, copyright stuff. Probably. Regardless, let’s not get into throwing soups under the wheels of the bus. The cans would just get crushed and make a real mess of things. But the point of the story is this – how about some chicken with the noodles for cryin’ out loud?

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