Mark’s Musings – January 31, 2018

| January 30, 2018

Mark Fortune

The Super Bowl is here and, once again, the New England Patriots are competing. This really does not come as a surprise to anyone anymore. How do they do it? They have a system, a phenomenal quarterback, a great coach (didn’t he coach the Browns?) and a fantastic supporting cast. Despite all that, I am predicting that the Eagles will win this one by a score of 34 to 24. Prediction made.

For those that watched the Grammy Awards it should not have been surprising that this event turned political. Speaking on a personal note, I really do not need any advice from Jay-Z. It is amazing at certain moments to observe how people respond to certain artists, performers, actors and actresses. You get the idea.

Are you planning on attending the sixth annual Health, Safety & Wellness Expo sponsored by the Coshocton County Chamber of Commerce and Safety Council and the Coshocton Regional Medical Center this Saturday morning at the Coshocton Elementary School? This event is from 8 am to noon, features many local vendors and the opportunity to have several tests taken for a small fee by the wonderful staff of the Coshocton Regional Medical Center. You may find out something that could save your life. There is plenty of free parking. Look at it this way. You can fast on Friday night through Saturday morning for your blood tests then feast out on Super Bowl Sunday! It doesn’t get much better than that. You can find out more in the section included in this edition of The Beacon.

I encourage you to read both Coshocton City Mayor Steve Mercer’s and West Lafayette Village Mayor Stephen Bordenkircher’s State of addresses included in this edition of The Beacon. There are many, many encouraging and positive things happening in our community. The city of Coshocton being in the black with a general fund balance of well over one million dollars is a significant achievement. The city of Coshocton plans on expanding water lines to a part of State Route 541 west and County Road 10. One highlight is that the city water treatment plant is switching from chlorine as the main disinfection process to installing an ultraviolet system. Again, you are encouraged to read these reports so that you know there is much more positive happening in our community than not.

There is a vibe running through our community that is difficult to ignore as we head into the second month of 2018. It’s one of positivity and energy and momentum. There are things happening that fly under the radar so to speak and when you read the Mayor’s addresses you cannot help but feel energized and proud of our villages, city and community. While there are always naysayers in every group – the people that are making things happen are simply pushing past the negativity and seizing opportunities where they exist.

When everyone pulls together it is much easier to go up the mountain. Whether it is one of our manufacturers, a local service organization, small business owners, elected officials, township, village, city or county employees and officials, first responders, volunteers or any number of the people that help move Coshocton County forward, one thing is certain. We are moving forward.


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