Mark’s Musings – July 11, 2012

| July 11, 2012
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

The tremendous storms that recently swept through Coshocton County – and indeed – most of the Mid-Atlantic states, wreaked havoc on cable, phone and electricity lines and destroyed thousands of trees now destined to become firewood, cardboard boxes or otherwise.

Hopefully, everyone reading this article now has electric, and the other utilities necessary to be comfortable. Of course, the heat wave that brought 100 degree plus temperatures this past weekend brought more suffering to those that lack air conditioning.

What is neat to hear about during times like these is that neighbors step in to help neighbors, friends help other friends and community organizations step up their services to meet the increased need. People found a place to rest, relax, take a shower and get something to eat. People stepped up to help others. That’s always a good and positive thing.

Perhaps these little breaks in our otherwise somewhat normal lives provide us with an opportunity to think more about others than about ourselves.

A big “THANK YOU” goes out to the crews and staff at AEP, Frontier Power, local residential and commercial electrical companies, the folks at AT&T, Time Warner and many others who worked long, hot hours (and are still working) and spent time away from their family. We do appreciate your service and sacrifice for our community.

This week our community welcomes the America In Bloom judges, and this group of volunteers also deserves a huge thank you from our community for all of their efforts to help make Coshocton a better place to live, work and play. A big thanks also goes out to everyone who planted flowers, watered the planters, pulled weeds and more. Especially during this past couple of weeks, your efforts have helped make our community a brighter, more beautiful place to live.

It’s easy, of course, to see the gloom and doom in a place you call home. Yet, despite our challenges, Coshocton continues to make progress – it just may be a bit slower than you might like – and if you look around carefully you will notice the improvements to the sidewalk on the Three Rivers bridge, the Canal Boat still operating, the guys and gals volunteering their time for this weekend’s Antique Power Association show at the fairgrounds, the Indian Mud Run fund-raiser at Lake Park and much more.

There are things happening all across our community, with groups and organizations from large to small working hard to make things happen. Get involved; volunteer your time and talents to help others. It is always a good feeling. And thanks.

Please see the letter to the editor on this page. The fireworks effort that many enjoyed at the fairgrounds on the Fourth of July still needs your help. The TCA is $3,500 short of their goal of $12,500 for the fireworks and Fourth of July celebration. Donations are still being accepted.

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