Mark’s Musings – July 16, 2014

| July 15, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Germany by 1. Didn’t watch it. Extra minutes even. I guess that is the way a World Cup final should be.

LeBron back to Cleveland! Yea? Boo? Your opinion may be like mine on this one – but one thing is certain. You have to give James credit for having the courage to return to the city – and the team – that he “scorned” some might say. But a championship for Cleveland would no doubt erase a lot of pain. The city of Cleveland and surrounding areas are poised for an economic renaissance so to speak with the Republican National Convention headed that way in August 2016 and the return of “King James.” A championship is what we all seek of course. I’ll let you decide whether the GOP chose Cleveland to keep the Democrats from selecting another Ohio city as their site in 2016 – the Republicans had narrowed the field to Dallas – a heavy bastion of Republicans and a Republican state – and Cleveland – a city that voted overwhelmingly Democrat in the last Presidential election. It makes for good television banter that’s for sure. Regardless it’s a great win for Cleveland.

The Indians are even Steven at 47 wins and 47 losses going into the All-Star break. Hopefully the short mid-season break will give them a renewed spirit and pitching to make a run for the division title when play resumes.

Locally, the Coshocton is Blooming volunteers outdid themselves to make our city look welcoming for the America in Bloom judges last week. And this beauty and their efforts will linger on into the fall. If you will take a moment – please – thank them for their tireless work.

World issues are all around us – and you don’t really need to pay that much attention to the world stage to know that there is trouble in River City – and the Ukraine, and Iran, and Israel, and the Gaza Strip, and Iraq and on and on. One fire goes out and another starts. Now there are several fires that started as a little blaze and are now headed into full blown conflagrations. The U.S. cannot be in all of these places. Unfortunately some of the world’s more aggression prone nations are well aware that our country is tired of war and tired economically. We have to do more to get our economic footing back on solid ground. Economic indicators are pointing positive, albeit slowly. That could be the right pace of growth to avoid that “I” word. Inflation.

Hard to believe that football is just around the corner. The Buckeyes are once again a favorite – with the season opener versus Navy on Aug. 30 – then Virginia Tech rolls into town for the home opener. The Big 10 “season” starts in earnest at Penn State on Oct. 25. In state games are against Kent State and Cincinnati. Games against Maryland and Rutgers round out the non-conference schedule. ESPN has the Buckeyes as a pre-season number 6 with Florida State number 1. I think six is a good place to start.

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