Mark’s Musings – July 18, 2012

| July 18, 2012
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Mud, tractors, parks, music and more means so much to do in Coshocton County! The Indian Mud Run, held Saturday on the Scarr Loop Trail, utilized the canal, trails, Lake Park ground and more. I must admit it was fun watching people slither and swim their way through the trail and the canal. It was even more fun when you knew them. I imagine there are some sore folks this week.

This fund-raiser, held this past Saturday to benefit Lake Park, is just another great example of what can happen when someone puts their mind to it. Hubie Cushman and the volunteers that helped make this event happen deserve a solid vote of appreciation for their many hours of hard labor building the trail, cutting trees that fell during the recent windstorm and for just plain getting something done. As with most things, I imagine that Hubie endured several, “It can’t be done here” comments. Yes, it can, it was, and he did. Nice job. And to everyone that travelled to our fair part of the state to participate, thanks. And that goes for everyone here in Coshocton County as well. Those that helped make this event, hats off to all of you!

The Coshocton County Antique Power Association held their annual show this past weekend at the fairgrounds. Bright red, orange, yellow and green tractors were proudly on display; some of the tractors are still being used on family farms around the county. The men and women of this organization have devoted long hours and untold sums of money to restore these machines to, in many cases, beyond their original luster. If you missed this year’s event, be sure to take the kids next year and let one of these wonderful folks explain “the good ol days”.

I drove by what looked like a wonderful neighborhood event at the Himebaugh lot on Sunday. It looked like a lot of people were enjoying this venue for our community. Another fine example of how people working together can make positive things happen for our community.

Now, let’s talk about the Coshocton Airport Amphitheater and indeed, the Coshocton Airport. Singularly, these two facilities at the top of airport hill are positive contributors to our community – combined – they are an almost unbeatable partnership for entertaining, growing the economy and retaining jobs for Coshocton County. And this is to say nothing of the businesses that exist near or at the airport. Missionary Maintenance, Limburg’s Patio Grill and others are making a difference in our community.

To all those that had the vision and fortitude to overcome the barriers necessary to make these things happen, hats off to you! The volunteers of the airport amphitheater still have a couple of aces up their sleeve if you missed The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra last week. This Saturday evening features Christian band, DecembeRadio. It should be a great opportunity to enjoy a nice summer evening in an ideal setting.

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