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Mark’s Musings – July 24, 2019

| July 23, 2019

Mark Fortune

You can tell a lot about how someone eats a waffle – or more specifically – how they put syrup on it. These are my opinions of course. You may disagree and think that is just so much fluff. That’s okay. Let’s move on to the heart of the matter, shall we? Let’s say you throw some butter or peanut butter on your waffle and spread it around a bit – then you randomly pour your syrup on the waffle. Be it maple syrup or whatever.

Someone else may spread butter, peanut butter or what have you on their waffle but – and this is important – the difference comes in when they pour on the syrup. The other person takes their time and fills up each little square hole on their waffle with syrup. I am not sure that there is any antidote here or anything like that but I just like observing people.

I apologize if you were expecting a hot stock tip or whether it was time to make a serious investment based on the type of pour – sorry to disappoint. But I’m sure we could batter this around all day.

More torrential downpours hit last night – at least in several parts of Coshocton County – some reported an inch of rain – I can remember July’s where an inch of rain was lucky to fall during the entire month!

It does appear that we have some pretty nice corn growing – I am judging it by the height of the stalk and how green it is – not so much the kernels on the ear. And that is what matters at the end of the day, or the season. Hopefully these warm days with lots of sunshine will have the kernels just bursting with pride.

The Tribe has pulled within three games of the Twins after reeling off a 7-3 record in their last 10 games – this also puts them in first place in the wildcard race. But winning the division is the way to get it done.

Pittsburgh and Cincinnati continue to battle for last place in the National League central division – they just happen to be with some pretty decent teams – the Cubs and the Brewers are both playing pretty well but the Dodgers have the best record in baseball right now with 67 wins. That’s a pretty good way to come out of the All Star break.

The pace of local activities and events does not really take a month off here in Coshocton County – even in July or August. July blasts off with the fireworks celebration at the fairgrounds, then a new event this year was enjoyed at Roscoe Village with an old fashioned ice cream social – there are many more events than can be listed here of course – and this past weekend was the Rough Truck and the new Autocross event at the fairgrounds. Coming up this Sunday is the Coshocton County Fellowship of Christian Athletes Unite event at Ridgewood. Last year’s event was terrific and I would expect this year to be superb as well.


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