Mark’s Musings – July 27, 2016

| July 27, 2016
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

The world has not calmed down any and it appears likely that it will not calm down any time soon. This is sad. It’s no wonder that people are using the Pokémon GO phenomenon to escape the reality of a world gone crazy – or maybe they’re just having fun. And that’s okay too. The marked increase in violence across our nation and the globe is seemingly all connected in one way, shape or form to terrorism. It is doubtful that this will go away and more than likely it could be a part of our landscape for the foreseeable future. Perhaps we can figure a way out of this mess. Together is the only way.

Our kids and grandkids are now bearing the brunt of a school funding system that is outdated and out of touch with today’s realities. The upcoming River View Local Schools levy is a prime example of this. Perhaps you have already voted or you are waiting until Aug. 2 or you will be casting your ballot as a registered voter in the River View Local School District on Aug. 2. Whether you vote “For” or “Against” the levy it is important to reflect on the fact that a can being continually kicked down the road in the Ohio statehouse is the real culprit behind the school funding issue.

One can certainly argue – with credible evidence – that school districts are not treated equally. If they were then each school district in need of funds would receive the same amount of state money – for example, say 50% with the remaining 50% funded by the property owners in the school district. That would be fair. This issue is far reaching and has implications beyond the brick, mortar, glass and steel used in the construction of said facilities.

How can someone possessing logical knowledge argue with any validity that the residents in the River View district are that much different from those in Ridgewood or Coshocton here in Coshocton County? I don’t think you can. I mean, we’re neighbors, family and friends in every sense of the word.

So the reality is that instead of placing the blame on local officials – whether a school board, county or city or village – that finger should be pointing about an hour and a half – more or less – to the west. That’s right – the big city. Columbus to be exact. Upset? Write or call your state representative or senator. They are the ones that need to address this issue head on. They are the ones that can.

Regardless of how you vote, our kids should not be held hostage by a lack of the statehouse addressing an issue that impacts our future and the future of our local youth in the global workforce. Global. Got that? Surely we still don’t think our kids are competing for jobs against the kid they struck out in little league baseball back in the day. Please. This generation of youth is competing for jobs with kids from Iowa, New York, California, India, Japan and China just to name a few. I think that they deserve the best preparation we can afford to provide. Otherwise they might be living in your FROG or FRIB – (furnished room over garage or furnished room in basement).

Yet it does seem that our youth bear the brunt of an angered and frustrated constituency at the voting booth. It should not be this way. I thought we addressed school equality a few decades ago didn’t we?

Let’s shift the attention to squarely where it needs to be placed. And yes, I could have this all wrong.

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