Mark’s Musings – July 31, 2019

| July 31, 2019

Mark Fortune

It was a weekend with a flurry of activity here in Coshocton County! You might think that as we start moving toward August and the lazy, hazy days of late summer – those days before school starts again – the level of activity and events would slow down. It is especially important for those that are always complaining and throwing out the phrase, “Gee, there’s nothing to do here”. Whine, whine, whine.

Well, let’s just take a bit of a look in the rear view mirror that we call this past weekend and even a few days into last week.

Let’s start with the quarterly Chamber of Commerce luncheon – that was held at Schumaker Farms – a place that was flooded just a few short weeks ago. And someone from West Lafayette was awarded the Community Improvement Award. Let’s continue with West Lafayette – and the Homecoming – did you happen to get some of those wonderful fries? Okay, due to some other commitments I did not get to try any this year. But they are the best.

Still staying with West Lafayette, you could have attended the queen contest on Thursday evening, and then found yourself back in the village on Friday evening for the parade and all of the other festivities scheduled throughout the weekend. Good times for sure.

Friday night offered multiple choices of venue – for those that are members, the annual Frontier Power / Frontier Propane meeting served up a pretty darn good hot dog, some cheese, chips, drink and oh yeh, Whit’s Frozen Custard – with, what’s this – a no bake cookie on the side. That is, on the side of the custard. That was yummy. The Frontier folks do a wonderful job of keeping the lights on for those of us that are customers. Thank you!

There’s more. There’s this play at this little place in Roscoe Village that features a wonderful cast, support team and all the goodies that go along with another terrific performance. It’s even more wonderful when someone is cast a bit out of “character” shall we say. The word on the street is that this is a good one! And it’s sold-out.

I am sure that I will probably miss something here. I apologize in advance.

Sunday morning offered up the opportunity to enjoy local youth leading a worship service at the Ridgewood football stadium. The Coshocton County Fellowship of Christian Athletes group organized the second annual “Faith on the Field” event which was held this past Sunday morning. Great job!

The above list does not include any of the “normal” summertime activities – swimming, boating, fishing, grilling out, maybe some rafting or tubing on the river – although this is the highest I have seen the river in later July that I can recall.

And nowhere on the list are the ballgames that you can watch on the device of your choice, play in or even attend. And looking at baseball – it would not be Mark’s Musings without mentioning the success of the Indians over the past two months. Now only two games back of the Twins – they are winning!

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