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Mark’s Musings – June 13, 2018

| June 12, 2018

Mark Fortune

Have we seen the last of the LeBron James era in Cleveland? James delivered on his promise of a championship for Cleveland despite a 1-3 finals record and the four game sweep suffered this year versus the Warriors – a team that is building its own legacy. The Cavs were just overmatched. Regardless if he stays or goes, James will easily go down as the greatest Cavalier of all time.

For those that watch the NHL, the Washington Capitals are enjoying the Stanley Cup and the players “day with the cup” that is a tradition going back many years.

The just concluded Hot Air Balloon Festival sponsored by The Frontier Power Company brings visitors, money and fun to our community. The folks that volunteer and work together to make this happen deserve our appreciation and thanks. The balloon flights, rides, food and entertainment provide plenty of smiles and enjoyment for many.

Do we take things for granted? I know that I do. This was particularly evident to me today as I drove to work and watched the crew working on the Three Rivers Bridge project in their raingear. I have never been envious of highway workers or those that deal with the elements. Sure, they get to enjoy some great weather with nice spring days and beautiful skies and scenery in the fall but I am not sure that the months in between make up for that. They deserve our respect.

What’s coming up? Dulcimer Days, Sunflower Festival, the Indian Mud Run and the July 4 fireworks which have moved back to the fairgrounds. As we move headlong into the summer months Coshocton County has much to offer with our wineries, distillery, brewery and more. The Beacon is planning a “Celebrate Coshocton County” section that will publish on June 27. Our community has a lot to offer with the museum, Lake Park, the Pomerene Center for the Fine Arts, Roscoe Village, our rivers, the library and much more. You could enjoy a nice, relaxing week right here in Coshocton County, not spend much money and still have lots of fun!

The Tribe is still in first place and the Reds are making some progress yet remain in the cellar. The Bucs are chasing the Brewers who themselves are being chased by the Cubs.

Will the summit in Singapore with North Korea’s leader accomplish anything significant? Isn’t the fact that the meeting is being held at all significant enough? This is indeed a historic moment for the world so let’s hope that something meaningful and lasting will come out of the talks. This is, of course, just a starting point and could lead to more meetings in coming years.

The daylilies are starting to come out in bloom and the fact that spring is running about two weeks behind (at least it seems that way to me) means the next couple of weeks will be filled with the beauty and color of these popular flowers. And speaking of beauty thanks America in Bloom volunteers!

How is your garden coming along? The rain will certainly help – probably the weeds more than the plants.

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