Mark’s Musings – June 19, 2013

| June 18, 2013
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Congratulations to all of the folks at the Jones Metal Company on 90 years of manufacturing top quality goods in the good old U.S. of A. For all of those that want to constantly jump on the “Made in China” bandwagon – jump off for a moment. Friday morning started at Annin & Company where Fox & Friends made a special live broadcast of the Stars and Stripes being manufactured. RIGHT HERE IN LITTLE ‘OL COSHOCTON COUNTY!

Then, later in the day, a tour of Jones Metal proved once again that the American worker, American muscle, American might, American ingenuity and American persistence – by gosh – is still going strong in West Lafayette, Ohio. And these are just two pieces of the industry and jobs that we have here in our community. Take a tour of either of the above places and you will see American creativity, know-how and work ethic first hand. Yes, it would be nice to still have G.E., Pretty Products and gloves being made at Edmont. But we don’t. We have other things now. Oh, speaking of that company, you know, the gentlemen that invented the process for coated work gloves? Mr. Ed Montgomery. Someone our community can be proud of. Just like the folks managing and operating Jones Metal and Jones Zylon today.

It actually gave me chills to see the products that are being manufactured hour after hour, and day after day, at Jones Metal. Quality, craftsmanship, innovation, dedication – all of these words came to mind as I made my way along the tour watching men operating the precise machines that run hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. One of these folks your dad? As we just celebrated Father’s Day, tell him you are proud of him. Proud of him going to work every day, standing at a machine for eight hours, so he can help put you through college with that dedication, or helping with your first car or maybe just buying you that favorite baseball glove, bat, or special shoes for athletics. It may not have the flair or drama of being a pro athlete, or other careers that we put on a pedestal. But let’s be honest. The folks that produce the steel, electricity and other things we use and need every day are just as vital to our way of life. Perhaps even more so. And let’s be fair, this takes nothing away from the wonderful Moms that do the same thing.

American manufacturing is strong. When you actually stop and think about what IS being made in the U.S. of A., you know deep down that “everything” is NOT made in China. Sure, a lot of bicycles, clothes and toys are – but when it comes right down to it – we still make a LOT of things in America. Cars, trucks, airplanes, engines, defense and aerospace, tractors, combines, FLAGS, FOOD and the list could go on and on. But I shan’t take the space.

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