Mark’s Musings – June 20, 2018

| June 19, 2018

Mark Fortune

It looks like the Three Rivers Bridge construction project is in full swing and a crew was even working on Sunday. With the various construction projects going on around the county I thought that perhaps there was an underlying motivation underway to keep the citizenry of Coshocton County inside the county borders this summer. That would be difficult in today’s world but you never know . . .

Maybe I’ve just watched a few too many “out there” movies or read some of the more “forward thinking” novels. You know the ones – where they blow all the bridges so people are essentially trapped on an island of land. Or it could just be too much time in the sun. Of course, we are not surrounded by water on all sides so that defeats the bridge plan right off the top. But let’s just use our imaginations and presume that we are on an island called Coshocton County with no way to get outside the county borders for one weekend.

Before you tell me that I am completely off my rocker (actually I sat on the rocker on the front porch some this weekend just enjoying the morning breeze and a cup of coffee) think about the economic implications. With all of the citizenry locked here in the county folks will be able to enjoy our locally owned movie theater – our restaurants, museums, lovely downtown and beyond, stroll the sidewalks and shops and experience of Roscoe Village, sample our award winning wineries, brewery and distillery. You can take the kids for an ice cream cone at any (or more than one) of our wonderful ice cream shops – and don’t forget about the custard! One weekend to explore is not nearly enough of course but we’ll start there.

You can grab some steaks, ribs or chops at one of our local markets or grocers and have at the grill. Throw on some fresh corn on the cob and you’ve got the makings of a terrific summertime meal.

Maybe you’re more of the outdoor type so you opt for a weekend camping trip at Lake Park, the KOA or another of the campgrounds scattered throughout the county. You can enjoy swimming, rafting, canoeing, kayaking or maybe just wading in the creek or tubing on the river. Many families have made a lifetime of memories for their youngsters and themselves on weekend camping trips. For other families those memories are being made or will be made as their young ones age.

You can find just about everything you need for enjoyment here in little ‘ol Coshocton County. You can take a road trip up to Pearl and enjoy some award winning cheese at Pearl Valley. Of course if time is of the essence you can pick up that same cheese at many locations throughout the county.

You can go hiking, biking or if your little one is so inclined, triking. (Okay, I don’t know if that is a word – I just wanted it to rhyme!)

As you can tell, there is much to do here in Coshocton County. You just need to get out and explore the many options that are available. Watch next week’s issue of The Beacon for our annual “Celebrate Coshocton County” section for more information on our wonderful community.

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