Mark’s Musings – June 27, 2012

| June 27, 2012
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

As you will know after reading the “Stay-Cation” section inside this issue of The Beacon, there’s lots to see and do right here in Coshocton County. I think we all like to get away for the obvious reasons – it’s typically easier to really relax and rejuvenate when you’re away from home – whether that’s 50, 100 or 500 miles. Longer trips of course, take more time to plan and usually cost more as well. With fuel prices still hovering around the mid $3 range, longer trips mean more expense in fuel. In a small victory at least, most of today’s vehicles get more miles per gallon.

A Stay-Cation means staying at home, enjoying the activities that are available right here in our own backyard. Many of these activities come at no charge, or very little in other cases. Swimming, biking, hiking, walking, fishing, tubing, kayaking and canoeing, are just some that come to mind.

You can, of course, save money by staying at home, and having a schedule of things to do is probably best. Above are several outdoor activities but there is also a plethora of indoor enjoyment that is either free or comes at a nominal charge. The Museum (with Roscoe Village a stone’s throw away), the Library, the Pomerene Center, art galleries and more beckon for our attention in this increasingly electronically driven world. Maybe you can develop a bit of a scavenger hunt for your kids – get them into places they normally don’t frequent and have them find things you previously identified for a prize – ice cream would be nice.

Speaking of ice cream, it’s ice cream social time here in Coshocton County! Yes, some have already passed – as has Vacation Bible School at many churches. I have yet to find a noodle at an ice cream social that I didn’t like – ha, ha! Or ice cream for that matter. Always a fun time and great socializing.

Take the family on a leisurely Canal Boat ride – this form of travel certainly means slowing down – if even for an hour or two. Work some history into the day and give a little quiz – again for an ice cream prize. (Note a common theme here?)

Show the kids the Coshocton County Courthouse – in fact, take them inside. I imagine those that work at the courthouse wouldn’t mind showing off this wonderful piece of history.

Yes, our community is blessed with natural resources for hunting, fishing, biking, hiking and more. Many of these are so common to residents that they tend to blend into the background – just sit and ponder the many things that you can do outside the four walls of your home. Get some of that fresh country air in your lungs, some river mud between your toes and perhaps some sun on your face. (Use sunscreen of course!) And always check for those pesky ticks. It’s all part of the adventure as they say.

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