Mark’s Musings – June 29, 2016

| June 28, 2016
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Are you still on cloud nine? Where is cloud nine anyways? Or maybe what is cloud nine? According to that expert of experts – the internet – it means you are in a state of euphoria, very happy. Yes, that would be Cleveland sports fans. And let’s not jinx it – but perhaps the curse has been broken so we don’t need to worry about that now. Because . . .

The Indians are really on a roll. Really. The Tribe (as of Monday, June 27) have won nine (there’s that number again) in a row – and are the hottest team in baseball. Texas and the Giants own the best record with the Cubs not far behind. The Cubs are smoking hot right now and that puts the Pirates and Reds in the backseat or maybe even the trunk in the National League Central. But one thing about baseball is that it is a long season and lots of things can change very quickly.

One of those Cicada things landed on my shirt last week – I looked down into those tiny, red, beady eyes and I thought I could see into the future. Yes indeed – an Indians vs. Cubs World Series with both teams being declared the winner. I am not sure how, but that’s what I saw.

Wait, there’s more. The Presidential election? You’re kidding right? Even Cicadas don’t know that because the primaries aren’t here yet. I asked, I really did. And since they won’t be around after the primaries they won’t be able to make that prediction. That would be cool though.

Saturday Night Live? Still going strong says the Cicada. Watch for another Star Wars movie. You already knew that? Oh, but I know a secret. Someone important doesn’t make it in the next movie. Someone really, really important.

Hey, this is only after thirty seconds of staring into those beady little eyes. Yes, they really are beady. And red. And tiny.

Don’t believe me? Not the eyes, the predictions. Try it – you will be mesmerized. But there is a rule to this – you cannot harm the beast. You must let it fly off into the vast unknown – or the closest FRUIT TREE THAT THEY HAVE DESTROYED!

Another Indian Mud Run is in the books with hopefully no serious issues besides a sprain or bruise here and there. Nice job folks.

The Beacon is pleased to include the “Celebrate Coshocton County” section inside this issue. If you are planning some time off in July and are looking for things to see and do right here in Coshocton County – there’s plenty. Beginning with the fireworks at the airport and continuing on into September with the Bacon Festival, next up is the Air Show – then the Coshocton County Fair, Apple Butter Stirrin’ and Farm Fall Foliage Tour later in October. You can certainly have a relaxing time right here in our very own community.

There really is a lot to see and do right here. From parks to trails to swimming and camping, Coshocton County offers a wonderful variety of shopping, dining and recreation. Enjoy yourself.

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