Mark’s Musings – March 13, 2013

| March 12, 2013
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Lots of things going on. Nice weather last weekend. Hopefully, as you’re reading this (on Wednesday), we are not getting the predicted snowfall and it is a balmy fifty degrees outside. Like this past weekend. It was great to see people out and about enjoying the warmth after what seems to have been a somewhat long and cold winter. When you compare this winter to last year, it sure seems like a world of difference in temperature, snow and wind. We’ve had more cold days and certainly more snowfall early in the winter than last year. The good news; it’s about all over.

Ahhh, let’s turn our attention to Ohio State men’s basketball. With Sunday’s win over Illinois, the Bucks are the second seed in the Big 10 tournament starting this week. With the possibility of a tournament championship putting the Buckeyes in the running for a number one seed in the NCAA tourney (why not?) there is a lot on the line. However, would it be better for the Buckeyes if they finished strong in the tournament and wrapped up a number two seed in one of the brackets? After all, it is rare that all four number one seeds make it to the final four. We will see. This much is certain, the eyes of the nation will be on the teams from the Big 10 (as usual) to see if they can live up to their current rankings. Michigan, Indiana, Michigan State, Wisconsin and the Buckeyes are all poised to make a March run.

So settle into that comfy chair for hours of college hoops, hope for some “I’m sorry honey, I can’t work outside, it’s too _______, _______, _______. Fill in the blank with the weather condition of choice. Or you could try this one, “I’m sorry honey, I can’t clean out the garage, clean up the yard, change the oil in the mower, or till the garden, because I’m feeling _______, ________, ________. Again, fill in the blank with the adverb (or verb?) of choice. (Help Marilyn)

On the world scene, President Karzai of Afghanistan is accusing the U.S. of colluding with the Taliban. U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel gave what I consider a somewhat lame response on national television to this accusation. He should have responded in this way, “WHAT? How dare you! He__ no, the U.S. is not colluding with the Taliban. Do you think we’re nuts? Here’s another billion just to prove that we are not that dumb”.

Of course, I am not in his shoes nor am I a politician. I’m just sayin’.

Compliments to all those that attended this past weekend’s Habitat for Humanity Home Show and the Bridal Show. It takes a tremendous amount of energy and hours to plan and pull off these events. Our community is blessed to have people that are willing to put their time and talent to work for the benefit of others. Thank you.

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