Mark’s Musings – March 18, 2018

| May 29, 2018

Mark Fortune

Like the coming of warm weather for spring, your NCAA men’s basketball tournament bracket is probably perfect. I jest of course. The weather pattern for this week and especially the first day of spring does not bode well for those of us (everyone?) that are growing weary of the cold. But March it is and the third month is typically unpredictable with cold days, warm days and many days in between.

One thing is certain. The sun will shine, the grass will grow and we will complain when it is too warm this summer. Although, that is not everyone because there are many that just like it hot.

The Ashland Lady Eagles have a game against Montana State – Billings in the elite eight on Monday evening, March 19 at Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The next game would be Wednesday and then Friday. Good luck Lady Eagles!

The Coshocton Rotary Club celebrated their 100th anniversary in a big way Friday night at the Lake Park Pavilion. Thanks Coshocton Rotary for all you have done and will do for our community!

Have you bid yet? I’m referring of course, to the annual Coshocton County Chamber of Commerce online auction. There are lots and lots of goodies that you can bid on. Like Chicago voting, bid early and bid often! The bidding closes this Friday and ends Saturday, March 24 at noon. The proceeds go to help your local Chamber of Commerce market our community to the world. That is a good and noble cause if there ever was one.

The annual “Faith Renewed” section is inside this issue of The Beacon. We are grateful to all of those that helped make this edition possible – particularly all of the places of worship and other businesses and organizations that placed a message in the section. Coshocton County is blessed to have an abundance of churches where everyone can feel welcomed and accepted, learn about God’s word and contribute to the community. The local church does still matter in this digital world that we live in – perhaps now more than ever as our youth struggle with isolation and sense of purpose despite having more knowledge at their fingertips than any other generation in history.

Being involved in a church can bring a sense of wellbeing, belonging, purpose and contribution to something larger than self. These are some of the exact things that survey after survey reveals today’s young people are searching for. Perhaps every generation has had those same longings but it seems different this time around. Without question, young people that are involved do better.

Throughout Coshocton County people are making things happen. They are taking risks starting small businesses, expanding and growing. Spring is always the time of year that we think of growth, progress and moving forward. Coshocton County, despite what you may hear from some, is moving forward, shedding the tone of negativity, shuttered and closed plants with expansion and growth from both new and old manufacturers. Keep positive, smile and watch what happens!

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