Mark’s Musings – March 25, 2015

| March 24, 2015
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Just saw a lady at the post office with yellow “smiley face” mittens. That will make your day! It was a bright spot on an otherwise cold, windy March day here in Coshocton County. I thought we had warm weather on the way. Sure, it is – with the key words being “On the way”. I see a warmup on the way Wednesday and Thursday then cooler. Let’s just keep the snow away but no forsythia yet. And you know what it means when they come out. Sure you do.

This week’s issue of The Beacon has our annual “Faith Renewed” section included. We appreciate the support from the faith and business community to help support our efforts to provide an update on this segment of Coshocton County. And while a few pages in the paper cannot begin to give justice to all of the men, women and children that volunteer, give and otherwise help this community and God’s greater community all year long we do hope that it helps provide some insight as to what is happening in some areas.

Watching the tournament? Men’s, women’s or perhaps both? The sweet 16 for the men has been determined and the question on everyone’s minds is – can the blue nation stay undefeated and go 40-0? They certainly have the opportunity to do so. Only a few teams remain that can match up against Kentucky. Wisconsin is one. Arizona is another and with Villanova out – dare I say the Irish?

I stayed on CBS last night to catch a couple of the segments on “60 Minutes” that looked interesting. A segment on ISIS and the Christian community in the northeastern section of Iraq held great promise – delivered on some of that promise but frankly – left the brutality of this terrorist group sorely lacking, leaving a viewer almost wondering, “What’s all the fuss about?” Besides showing a few destroyed homes, empty streets and a priest breaking down over not being able to escape with more first century journals, I thought CBS painted ISIS as moderate. And if you have been watching or reading much at all, you know that is not the case. However, I also understand that there is probably not much film actually showing the brutality and terror of ISIS. I doubt they have a Joseph Goebbels.

The segment on rare earth metals and the final segment on the renowned astrophysicist were informative and in the case of the rare earth metals – somewhat alarming considering that the Chinese are well ahead of us on these elements that are in everything from cell phones to televisions to our new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. With a lifespan of 55 years, the F-35 project is expected to be the most expensive project in the Pentagon’s history.

Potholes are being worked on. Remember to use the area code 740 on any calls. No “1” is needed. Lots of positive is happening in Coshocton County. Keep it going!



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