Mark’s Musings – March 26, 2014

| March 25, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Perhaps Dayton is a good team. Better than we thought. Beating the Buckeyes – okay, I just figured the Bucks’ number was up. After all, despite being number one at a point in the season – the Buckeyes lacked the poise and all the characters to have a cast that could truly win the men’s national championship. When Dayton beat Syracuse – well, that makes one sit up and take notice. Or at least one should. My bracket – that never got filled out – would be busted like the balloons in the movie “Up” at this point. One of the better games that I got to watch was yesterday between Wichita State and Kentucky – battling to the very end. I thought that the Shockers would try a play in the paint to at least get a close shot or maybe get to the foul line. But it was not to be.

Here are my final four picks from the sweet sixteen teams remaining; Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Louisville. I do not see Michigan getting there for no other reason than – it is Michigan. Isn’t that reason enough? Ha, ha. One thing is assured – this week will bring more highlights, inspirational play, and terrific moves on the court and by coaches. And the coaching can make the difference. That’s why I see Louisville and the Spartans in the final four. National champion – Badgers. I would not count Arizona out – they are not a final four pick by me – but I don’t see the Pac10 teams play enough. It would be cool to see an all Big10 championship game. That would give huge credibility to the Buckeyes season.

Is Russia daring the world to step up and do something militarily about the Ukraine? Financial sanctions only go so far – and to hear some of our leaders say that the sanctions are already working is a bit of a stretch I think. What did we do – shut off the importation of Vodka? Poland makes a good brand just in case. Or so say some that are better informed than me.

According to the BBC website, Russian troops are massed on the border of Ukraine and are “sizeable” and “ready” to invade. Ukraine troops have pulled out of the Crimea peninsula.

Wow! What a season. Congratulations to the Hopewell Indians on winning the state championship. That is a testament to the players, coaches, families and everyone that helped make this goal a reality. The Hopewell Indians completed an undefeated season and are true champions in every sense of the word. We are proud of you!

Yes, for those that are wondering – being a Grandpa is something special. I don’t feel any older by adding that moniker, and hope I don’t look any older either. Ha, ha. We welcomed Elsee Jane Mencer into the family on Saturday evening. Everyone is doing well. Mom Jessica, Dad Aaron, Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Sheldon and Grandma Tammy are all understandably quite proud and pleased.

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