Mark’s Musings – March 27, 2019

| March 26, 2019

Mark Fortune

Did you get the chamber auction items that you wanted? I think we did – for the most part. What an incredible showing of community togetherness – from the people, businesses and organizations that donate items to those that help sponsor it to those that make it possible. And we can’t forget about all those that gather up the items so we have something to bid on! It’s nice to see the community come together when opportunities present themselves.

How is your bracket? Busted yet? Ninety percent of the people playing were looking at a potential bracket buster on Sunday when UCF took Duke to the final seconds and then some. A little twist of the hand here and there, a couple more foul shots made and the Dukies could be headed home instead of cutting down the nets like most people think they will. Watch out for Florida State – they would be my outside pick to make the Final Four. The Volunteers are also another solid team. The tournament is stacked this year with strong and solid teams that can play some hoops.

As spring starts showing off all of its glorious colors in the next few weeks – especially when we head into April – are you prepared to start mowing, weeding, getting the garden ready and throwing down some mulch? Wait a moment! Did you happen to see the newsletter from David Marrison at Coshocton County OSU Extension about when is a good time to put down mulch? It was interesting and informative reading – May is when you should start doing this based on the soil temperature. Do it too soon and you risk damaging things – I never knew but now I do.

Coshocton County is blessed to have many organizations that “have our back” so to speak. From the Chamber of Commerce to the Coshocton Visitors Bureau (CVB) to the Port Authority, Coshocton County Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) to the Agricultural Society (Fair board folks) to the OSU Extension Office, Farm Service Agency and many, many more, we are blessed to have people that care about our past, present and future. Our Town Coshocton is another organization that is leading the charge to help improve our community in so many ways – especially the Main Street and downtown areas.

Coshocton County Job & Family Services does so much in our community with very little fanfare – and it is appreciated. Throw in our faith community, our schools and Central Ohio Technical College and we have a winning team helping our kids learn and grow and develop into solid community minded citizens.

There are so many more that make Coshocton County “go.” Roscoe Village will be celebrating 50 years this year – can you believe it? Look at it now. I can remember when the museum did not exist as I carried papers through Whitewoman Street and all parts of Roscoe. It was a fun route with great customers that I can remember fondly. Favorite memories involve my Grandpa Fortune and my dad helping. Grandpa would take me around when it was cold and snowy or my bike was broken (happened often the way I rode it) and I can remember coming back to his car – an old brown Ford Torino – when he sat waiting for me in the Roscoe School parking lot – grandpa smoked a pipe – Sir Walter Raleigh of course- and when I opened that car door I was hit with a wreath of smoke. I can still recognize that smell anywhere. Thanks for the memories Grandpa. We’ll continue these glimpses into the past later.

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