Mark’s Musings – March 6, 2019

| March 5, 2019

Mark Fortune

The number six seeded River View Lady Bears deserve to be congratulated for winning the sectional championship after knocking off Indian Valley and Steubenville – it took number one seed New Philadelphia to knock out the Lady Bears. Congrats on a great season Lady Bears!

There are a lot of things coming up or happening now in our community. As we start inching – creeping or crawling like the insects that are certain to emerge – towards the date on the calendar that means spring – the calendar starts filling up with activities and events that we look forward to and that somehow also means spring to us.

And that might be the upcoming annual Chamber of Commerce auction – spring sports with track, baseball, softball and tennis – high school proms, musicals and many other things that will be happening here in Coshocton County.

But first we have to get through winter – which, just seems to be hanging on and on as evidenced by the Sunday afternoon snowfall. Eventually, as we all know – spring will arrive with green grass, birds chirping, trees and shrubbery blooming and all those nice things that we enjoy after what seems – this year – a long winter? Or is that just my age coming through as each winter seems to drag on longer and longer . . .

Let’s turn our attention to major league baseball – who will be the better team amongst our local favorites which – based on caps and shirts and jackets spread throughout Coshocton County – would be the Pirates, Indians and the Reds. And some will be watching the Phillies who picked up Bryce Harper in a 13 year deal worth $330 million. Will this make the Phillies a contender – or, as they might say in the city of brotherly love – contenda . . . I think that is how they might say it. I could be wrong! Oh, I just looked – the Phillies are leading the Grapefruit league with six wins. In the Cactus league the Tribe is in the middle of the pack and the Reds are near the bottom. But spring training standings rarely mean much in September.

Are you preparing yourself for an onslaught of political news and advertising as the 2020 election draws closer? I am sure it will be as much fun as the 2016 election. Regardless of where you stand on blue or red ground isn’t it time we establish some “rules” for this? The amount of money that can be spent on a campaign – and that should depend on the race of course along with some formulas for over and above expenses. In other words, spending on a campaign in New York will cost more than North Dakota. Of course, this won’t happen just like curtailing lobbying by certain industries to protect their interests won’t happen. There is just too much money involved.

Are you ready for the annual Coshocton County Chamber of Commerce online auction? A lot of businesses and organizations donate items that make this event possible – and as you scan the list for items to bid on – you can see a representation of dozens of businesses in Coshocton County. These folks deserve to be thanked for their donations and making this fund-raiser possible. And, the people that work so very hard to secure the donations should also be thanked. It is a lot of work and a lot of follow-up. Thank you.

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