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| March 6, 2017
Mark Fortune

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It sure seems like there is a lot to write about. Unfortunately, most of it is pretty heavy stuff. Hacking, wiretapping, name calling, accusations flying back and forth like the proposed flying car, last minute heroics-or not. Throw in a couple of technical fouls and that’s the only reason you might think this is not a column about the current political climate in our country. You know a climate that-at least here in Ohio – can’t decide if it is winter or spring. The political winds seem to change about as often as Brady loses a number 12 jersey.

I’m really referring to the NBA. All except the wiretapping. I just had to throw that in. Gosh, I thought the election was held in November? Is this stuff serious? It might be.

It’s almost time for March Madness! And that can only mean that one other tradition of early March is here – Girl Scout cookies! Oh, you know the stories. I have shared them in the past. Peanut Butter, Thin Mints, Shortbread and more make up the docket. Yeh, I know. Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent but I will call them what I want to call them. It’s my column after all. Here’s a really important tip – if you give things up for Lent – make sure it’s not cookies when YOU ORDERED SEVERAL BOXES OF THE DELICIOUS LITTLE MORSELS OF SUGARY GOODNESS! Fortunately they do have a decent expiration date. Like Chevy Chase in the attic scene of “Christmas Vacation”, I just have to remember where I hid them.

So what’s going on in North Korea? Four ballistic missiles launched into the Sea of Japan, the death of Kim Jong Nam (who is the leader’s estranged half-brother) by a toxic nerve agent, Malaysia expels the North Korean Ambassador and also recalled their own Ambassador from North Korea. All this in just a few days. What’s next?

A new Executive Order issued Monday bans limited travel from six Muslim majority countries – Iraq is exempt.

There is actually a Star Trek cruise. I am sure that the true Trekkies living among us already know about this. Headed up by Entertainment Cruise Productions there are two cruises in 2018 – and the 2017 cruise already sailed. Sorry. You can check this out online at And before you ask, yes, William Shatner did address the tourists before sailing. I did not search long enough to know if he actually sailed with the cruise.

The Ashland Eagles women’s basketball team is now 31-0, ranked number one in the nation and heading into tournament play with a full head of steam after winning the GLIAC tournament on Sunday, March 5. Their next opponent is Malone on Friday, March 10 in the Division II tournament Midwest Regional quarterfinal. Go Eagles!

The Buckeye men’s team made a great comeback against Indiana on Saturday only to come up a bit short and probably will make the NIT. The women’s team is another story. The Lady Buckeyes, in what seems to be a familiar story-were upset by the Purdue Boilermakers in the Big Ten tournament. Now the Buckeyes are a presumed number five seed in the NCAA tournament. 5-12 games are upset specials.

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