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Mark’s Musings – May 10, 2017

| May 9, 2017
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Busy, busy, busy. That is the response from most people this time of the year. And why not? School is winding down as another class of high school seniors prepare to take a step into their future. Or perhaps you have a student graduating from college, attending the military or a trade school and preparing for an even bigger step in life.

Maybe you have a youngster in kindergarten and learning all of the things that kindergarteners learn. Regardless of your stage in life the months of April and especially May, are chock full of good things, life lessons and opportunities to enjoy much that Coshocton County has to offer.

Perhaps you took a child to the fishing derby at Lake Park this past weekend and caught (hopefully!) the big one! Or maybe the big one got away. You may have attended the chalk drawings at the Art Park on Sunday or the play at the Triple Locks Theater. Remember the Farmers Markets are back up and running so you can get some fresh goodies! And this is Dogwood Festival week! Enjoy that great music, the beautiful Coshocton County court square and those delicious lunches.

You may (like us) have been “forced” to get caught up on mowing the yard due to the rain and – well – just didn’t get it done earlier in the week. Hey, at least we have an excuse! Dull blades. Now changed and sharp. But somehow they still seem to miss those darn dandelion stems! Why I ask, why?

Speaking of why – let’s talk about the fervor with crayons. Specifically, the color dandelion. Yes, writing about that in the above paragraph colored my thoughts with the issue with crayon colors. It seems that Crayola (now owned by Hallmark) is “retiring” the color dandelion from the 24 crayon box and replacing it with a blue color that was discovered by accident several years ago. It was found by researchers at Oregon State University. Apparently, they were having a blue kind of day. The new color is a brilliant shade of blue and the name of the new color will be announced in September following a contest. Yes, you can enter.

Why dandelion you might ask? Seems pretty simple to me. What adult likes dandelions? Unless they are in a wine. Now, kids are different. They see these pretty little yellow flowers and they pick some for mommy. That’s cool and the retiring of the dandelion color will not change that motivation. It shouldn’t anyways. Plus, there is already a yellow in the box. How much yellow does a person need?

And yes, I may have written about this in a previous column. If so, just blame it on the dandelion wine.

Cavs are trampling the competition. Now it’s on to the Eastern Conference finals. Is it going to be Boston or Washington against the Cavs? Will it be Golden State or San Antonio from the west? I doubt Utah or Houston although Houston has a chance. Not Utah. Both the Indians and the Reds are in first in their respective divisions.

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