Mark’s Musings – May 22, 2013

| May 22, 2013
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

It was quite a weekend in our community. Maybe you participated in the 2013 Relay for Life at the fairgrounds, attended the Taste for Summer at Clary Gardens or worked in the yard or garden. It’s about that time you know! Hopefully we will avoid any more frosts. With the temperature in the high 80’s today (expected!) one would surmise that the possibility of a frost is past. I recall my Grandpa always waiting until Decoration Day to plant the tomatoes. And we saw our first hummingbird of the season this morning! At least the food is out and ready.

Maybe you attended one of the baccalaureate services held over the weekend, with timely speakers providing a message of inspiration, perseverance and faith to our graduating seniors. Another school year is just about in the books and graduates are making plans for the summer and weighing the options for fall. Perhaps you went to an alumni banquet to swap stories of days gone by and memories of high schools that are no more.

There is certainly no lack of events to attend in Coshocton County this time of year. Add the outdoor element of mowing the yard, landscaping, gardening (more people are planting a garden this year) or grilling out, the advent of summer – which of course always begins with Memorial Day despite the calendar – seems to bring people out of doors and into the community. And with the lagging winter and seemingly ongoing spring, it is no wonder that people are ready to jump outdoors. Just watch where you jump. Have I told you yet about the bunnies? No?

Okay, I arrive home a couple of weeks ago after attending an event and my wife says, “You got to see this”. She had just mowed that yard and took me to a little depression in the front lawn not more than a yard from the sidewalk. There, buried amongst the grass and some fur, were several little bunnies. Yikes! I said, “How did you miss them?” A riding lawn mower with a 48 inch cut and 20 horse engine isn’t exactly something that sneaks up on you. But there they were just sleeping away! My wife had mowed right over there little nest. Now, this of course, led to much discussion and internet research. Do we move them so they can avoid the neighborhood cats? Nope, says the internet. The mama bunny will take good care of them and you let nature take its course. She feeds them in the middle of the night which would explain why we never saw the mama bunny. We did let nature rule, despite wanting to help those little creatures survive.

When we checked a few days later, they were gone; apparently the mommy bunny had moved them someplace a bit safer. Thank goodness.

Indians are in first place. Reds and Pirates are not, however, before Indians fans gloat, both teams have won more games (26) than the Indians as of Monday. It looks like an interesting season on the lakeshore, and both riverbanks.

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