Mark’s Musings – May 24, 2017

| May 23, 2017
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

I turned it off. Thinking that the Cavs had game three well in hand, I thought, “Well, enough of that. They will sweep this series and get ready for Golden State.” Not to be, said the Celtics. Too many three point attempts and not enough points in the paint. But with lousy shooting for most of the second half and LeBron with only 11 points a loss was almost assured. Relying on the three point shot is not a strategy, it is a wish as the second half of game three drove that point home.

You’ve no doubt heard about the removal of the four monuments in New Orleans. The event was a major news topic across the country last week. New Orleans City Council and Mayor Mitch Landrieu decided to remove what will be a total of four monuments; one of Jefferson Davis, one of a reconstruction era clash, one of Confederate General Robert E. Lee and Confederate General P.G. T. Beauregard. The goal of the removal is for unity as the city of New Orleans approaches its 300th birthday although the removal of the monuments has been anything but. Protests are rampant and the monuments are being removed in the middle of the night by crews wearing bullet proof vests and having the name of their construction company logo covered.

The monuments were located in a 1,300 acre city park and will be relocated to a museum or other facility according to the mayor. Perhaps the best article on this topic is on “The New York Times” website. The article seems to cover both sides of the issue although the mayor declined to be interviewed.

Regardless of where you stand on this particular issue let us always remember that the annals of history – and by connection the installation of monuments – are most often written or accomplished by the victor. Could this move beyond the borders of New Orleans? I agree that we should not put villains on a pedestal but what if this measure and protests extend to Gettysburg National Military Park, Little Bighorn National Monument and the many other national parks and battlefields with monuments dedicated to both the victor and the vanquished? Our nation’s battlefields are filled with monuments from the French & Indian War, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War and countless other smaller skirmishes in between – and obviously all of these had two sides. The determination of which is the “good” side depends of course on your point of view, nationality or even upbringing.

I realize this is pretty heavy stuff to consider but at some point we may be forced to consider it in a larger context.

Pools are getting ready to open, the new bathhouse at Lake Park is ready to go – exciting – bicycles are being tuned up with an oil change and new sparkplugs (wait, that’s not right!), seniors are ready to receive that long awaited diploma and make the next decision for their lives. Good luck to all of you from The Beacon!

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