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Mark’s Musings – May 3, 2017

| May 2, 2017
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune







Thanks for nine terrific years

Each year when we observe our publishing anniversary date – which coincides with the first issue each May – I like to reflect and review our mission and our purpose in serving this great community. The purpose of The Beacon is to serve the community by publishing positive messages and photos about the events that make Coshocton County a great place to live, work and play.

Our mission and our purpose have not wavered in nine years. I don’t expect it will in the foreseeable future. We even rolled out a totally redesigned newspaper last May. One year later that move is confirmed as taking a very positive step in continuing our mission to serve Coshocton County.

The readership of the community’s only locally owned publication is at a high point – climbing over 10% since last March. There are very few papers in the nation that can make that claim. But it’s not our claim. It’s yours.

It’s simple, really. The Beacon does not exist without the support of this community. The support from our advertisers – our friends – who believe that placing their message on the printed and digital pages of The Beacon will deliver results. And we do. We have added more news, and published more pages in 2016 than ever before and are on pace to do the same this year. Thank you for your encouragement.

The Beacon does not exist without the support of our readers and the many groups and organizations that rely on us to publish their announcements, meetings, press releases or let us know about positive news that happens in Coshocton County. As you know if you are a regular reader, there is much more positive than negative happening in Coshocton County.

This issue marks the beginning of our tenth year of publishing. We are celebrating our ninth anniversary. I know, I know, that sounds confusing! But it’s kind of like a baby. When that youngin’ is born, you refer to their age in months until they hit their first birthday. We’re like that. Our first issue that rolled off the press dated May 1, 2008 was 24 pages and titled Volume 1, Number 1. But we celebrated our first anniversary in May 2009. The issue that you are holding in your hand is Volume 10, Number 1 and is 36 pages in The Beacon and 12 pages in a bonus section titled, ‘Remember When’. Enjoy and thank you.

We are grateful to this community for nine years of solid support and encouragement. We greatly appreciate your notes, phone calls and emails that let us know you enjoy reading The Beacon. Our team works hard to bring you a fresh publication filled with positive news and features every week. Without their efforts we would not exist. Without the support of this community we would not exist. Thank you.

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