Mark’s Musings – May 4, 2016

| May 4, 2016
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Thanks for eight great years

Much has changed in eight years. In less than one decade, there have been significant changes around the world, our nation, our state and our community. Change is constant whether you notice it or not. Now, The Coshocton County Beacon is making a transformation to better meet the needs of our readers, our advertisers and our community. Welcome to the new Beacon!

When the first issue rolled off the press back on May 1, 2008, The Beacon was a gamble made on the promise of the future. We promised to provide the people of Coshocton County with a free publication that published the positive news, features and photos about our community.

Pulling a quote from the letter that I wrote to the people of Coshocton County in that first edition, “We believe that our mission is to spread messages of hope, good and encouragement to the residents of Coshocton County in the pages of The Beacon.”

That mission has not changed. Our tagline, “Positively Coshocton County” is a bit shorter than our original slogan of “Shining a Positive Light on Coshocton County”. Despite fewer words – we still strive to do that every day and with every issue of The Beacon. Our mission remains firm and steadfast.

We have expanded our team, provided more digital content and perhaps most important, now publish more pages than ever before. The issue that debuted on May 1, 2008 was 24 pages. The newly redesigned edition that you are holding in your hand or reading on your computer, tablet or other device, is a beefy 44 pages filled with positive content about Coshocton County and the nearby region we call home.

To everyone that supported our little startup publication and company in the early days, I am not sure that a “Thank You” will ever be enough. Your support, your encouragement, and your acceptance of what we wanted to do for the people of Coshocton County – you got it. And you passed that message on to your friends and family. We are grateful because without that – we would not exist. Thank You.

To our advertisers that we consider friends as well as business relationships – we say “Thank You.” You have made the past eight years possible. You have allowed us to employ more people in our community, providing incomes and careers for people in Coshocton County. Your support has allowed us to contribute to local causes, organizations and efforts to improve this community.

We believe wholeheartedly in the future of Coshocton County but mainly we believe in the people that live, work and call this community their home.

We remain Coshocton County’s only locally owned newspaper – with our requested readership continuing to grow and expand. We add more names each week. There are very few, if any, papers that can make that claim. We hope that means we are doing something right. You are always welcome to let us know if we don’t. That is how we improve.

Like the first edition, this issue of The Beacon is dedicated to my mom and dad, Robert M. “Pinky” and Shirley Fortune. With this redesign we have decided to discontinue the “In Honor Of” and “In Memory Of” dedication of The Beacon each week. It has become much too difficult of a selection to make when you know so many people that are worthy of this honor. We also knew that the choice would only get more difficult in the future. Here’s to you mom and dad for providing the example that continues to guide me along this life. Thank You.

I hope that you like the redesigned and transformed Beacon. Please let me know if not. I take full responsibility if you don’t and give all the credit to our wonderful team that pulled this together through sacrifice and diligence if you do. Please let them know that you appreciate their efforts.

We will continue to make improvements over the next few weeks and months to get the design where we know it can be. Thank you for your patience as we move through those steps.

To use another quote from that May 1, 2008 edition, “The purpose of this paper is to serve the community by publishing positive messages and photos about the events that make our county a great place to live, work and play.”

The passing of time has only amplified that purpose. The mission continues. Your support makes that possible.

Thank you.

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I live with my beautiful wife Nancy on a small farm just outside Coshocton. We have been married for thirty two years and have two grown children, Jessica and Jacob. Jessica is married to Aaron Mencer and they are employed with Coshocton City Schools. Jacob is a sophomore at Kent State University. I graduated from River View High School, have a Bachelor’s Degree from North Carolina Wesleyan University and am actively involved with the Roscoe United Methodist Church, serve on several local committees and am a member of the Coshocton Kiwanis Club, having served as Past-President. I love reading, especially military thrillers, the Civil War and history in general. My goal is to write a novel. My wife and I are also AdvoCare distributors and encourage anyone wanting to lose weight, gain energy and better health to explore AdvoCare at our website; I love the media field, innovative technology and have worked in newspapers for over 30 years – in fact, my first job was delivering newspapers. The Beacon is a dream made possible by the support of this community and a great team. I hope to continue serving Coshocton County for many years.

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