Mark’s Musings – May 6, 2015

| May 5, 2015
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

It’s Dogwood Festival time! It’s high school prom time! It’s almost high school graduation time! It’s almost Relay for Life time! It’s almost garden time – in fact, several folks already have things planted. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Oh, let’s not even think about this past winter now with the birds chirping, flowers blooming, grass growing and trees budding. We had a little contest at home trying to guess when the hummingbirds would be back – so my wife put out the feeder on Sunday afternoon. With food of course. So, our guesses were – well, the only one that really mattered was mine. I said May 8. A five dollar bet was on the line. First hummingbird, albeit a little one – landed on the feeder within five minutes. And Mark now has five dollars in his pocket – which is rare. I would have never thought that the hummingbirds would be back in town this early!

There is a lot going on locally. Coshocton Grain is coming down with compliments to the crew doing the work for their safety precautions. It looks like we are going to have some street work happening very soon! Yay! It’s time for those nasty potholes to take their rightful place in the annals of Coshocton County history. As in disappear from our radar.

What did you think of the Browns draft picks? Anyone? Will the Indians be able to rebound from a lackluster start to the season? Important series with Kansas City is coming up. Can the Cavaliers continue their road to success? Yes. I think that is the only bright spot in the whole mess of Cleveland sports franchises. And I expect the Cavs to continue marching forward to the eastern conference finals. But let’s remember that just because we have Mr. James that is no guarantee of absolute victory. It certainly helps though.

We certainly appreciate all of the tweets, e-mails and some cards from folks in the community to help us observe our seventh anniversary. Your support is greatly appreciated. As we glance inward at our company we know that we have a lot of work to do. We also know that we have a solid foundation from which to work. We want the community to know that we appreciate all of the support, kind words and your following. Our goal is to continue providing Coshocton County with a quality, weekly publication that focuses on the positive aspects of this community that we all call home.

The Coshocton County Board of Realtors has set aside the month of May to feature many homes and properties. This issue of The Beacon contains several dozen listings that you can browse at your leisure. Maybe you’re looking to expand due to a larger family – or perhaps you’re going the other way – becoming an empty nester and want to downsize to a smaller home. Either way there are lots of properties available in the market for you to take a look at. Enjoy. And support our local Board of Realtors.




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