Mark’s Musings – May 9, 2018

| May 8, 2018

Mark Fortune

A funny thing happened on the way to spring. Once you crank up the mower and/or the weed eater, start moving some dirt or putting down mulch you tend to forget all about winter and the challenges it delivers with a snowball packed punch. That is, until you trip over the dang snow shovel you left leaning up against the shelves in the garage and take a tumble. Okay, let’s just clean off the shovel and put it in the back corner of the garage where you surely won’t be able to find it next winter. Oh well, that’s next winter. Who cares?

I enjoy the pinks and purples of spring especially the creeping phlox that tends to brighten up any landscape or yard. There are some particularly wonderful plants at the REACT Park in Roscoe across from the Triple Locks Theater. Speaking of the theater, I have heard that the play is wonderful!

The Dogwood Festival is now in full swing for this year and you have the opportunity to enjoy some great music, a terrific lunch and fellowship all on the beautiful Coshocton County court square. The weather looks to be enjoyable with pleasant temperatures in the 70’s.

Did you vote? There were several issues and candidates on the ballot with the most significant local issue the EMS levy. By the time this week’s Beacon hits the streets, we will know if the levy passed or failed to garner enough votes for approval. These men and women provide us with a great service.

Unless a total collapse happens it looks like a Cleveland versus Boston Eastern Conference finals with a Golden State versus Houston Western Conference finals. Houston is the dominant team as everyone that follows the NBA knows but I don’t think you can ever count the Warriors out. This is all looking ahead of course which is sometimes not a good thing to do. There is a reason they play the game.

Local baseball, softball, tennis and track teams are headed toward the end of another regular season with some already in tournament play. This had to be a most challenging spring for the youngsters, coaches, fans and all the volunteers that help with these sports. Take the time to thank a coach, volunteer, referee or umpire for their service. There is a shortage of these wonderful men and women so if you are inclined please consider helping out.

The Indians are in first despite only winning 17 games as I write this column. They are fortunate to be in the lackluster Central Division. As a quick comparison Boston is in first in the East with 25 wins. They and the second place Yankees are the winningest teams in baseball right now.

Where is our community headed? After attending several events this year and the recently held Legislative Luncheon on Friday, May 4 it is enjoyable to report that Coshocton County is moving forward with many positive things happening or in the midst of happening. There is an active Main Street group; manufacturers are hiring, work is progressing on State Route 541, the Three Rivers Bridge project and other infrastructure projects. While some of these do cause some challenges and traffic headaches the end result will be something we can all be proud of!

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