Mark’s Musings – Nov. 12, 2014

| November 11, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

They’re baaaaack! No, not the crows – well, yes, they are back but this reference is to the beloved Buckeyes. A great game in East Lansing and no better way to start wrapping up the 2014 regular season with a win over the Spartans on their home turf – reversing the fortunes of last year when it was the Buckeyes – who had their national title dreams dashed – losing at home to the guys in green. Now we will see if they can make it through the remainder of the season victorious. It was cool to see local and former Ridgewood Generals standout Evan Jones in on some plays. Way to go Evan!

And now we’ll move on to the Browns. Did we just write “The Browns are in first place? Yep. Did anyone think this was possible a few short weeks ago? Of course the die-hard Browns fans will say “sure did.” And that’s okay; we will allow that this time around. And did anyone predict that the Arizona Cardinals would be 8-1 after the first 10 weeks?

Both the Ridgewood Generals and the Coshocton Redskins varsity football teams deserve to be congratulated on a terrific season and finishing strong in their playoff games. Both played good opponents and gave it their all. Accolades go to the coaching staff, fans, cheerleaders, marching bands, school officials and all those that make it possible for our local athletes to enjoy participating in a sport of their choosing.

With the mid-term election now in the books it remains to be seen what progress, if any, Congress and the President can make on several key issues – most notably immigration reform. A GOP Congress probably means that the President is the proverbial lame duck. Perhaps the folks in Washington can hammer out their differences and do the job that they were sent there to do – by us – the voters and the taxpayers. Please just do something positive might be the appropriate adage for the next two years.

Locally, voters came out strong in favor of the two county wide tax levy renewals; Children’s Services and OSU Extension. River View Local Schools improvement levy – also a renewal – came out well on the positive side of the voting. The local turnout – I think it came in at roughly 40 percent of the registered voters overall in the county – would indicate a bit of a lethargic mood among voters. And this was overall, not just here in our community. It was a nice day locally so weather did not play a role. Our country as a whole needs to embrace the spirit of democracy that permeated a young nation back in the day. Is it the media causing this? The constant spin from opinioned news channels? The lack of mid-term coverage from the “major” networks? Certainly a lack of focus on the election was notable.

I’m not sure of the reason any more than the next person but it is not a positive trend for our country.

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