Mark’s Musings – November 14, 2012

| November 13, 2012
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

According to the television program I watched Sunday evening – Veteran’s Day – on PBS, there are one and a half million World War II veterans still living. If you had the opportunity to watch the program held in the nation’s capital, it was an emotional program with uplifting music and most especially, poignant renditions detailing the service of several veterans from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Told with emotion and heart, these stories brought the war home in a very personal, unique and different way to the audience and to viewers on PBS. I hope you watched if you had the opportunity. We need to take the time to appreciate our veteran’s. Thank you.

Unfortunately, the scandal involving now former CIA director Petraeus took a bit of the shine off of weekend events honoring our military, but this incident in no way mars their service or sacrifice. More will come out about this and especially, how, or if, it is related to the four American deaths in Benghazi. A tragedy that should not have happened. Any predictions on a new CIA director?

Well, this week’s opponent is Wisconsin followed by that dreaded team from up north. The Buckeyes are gearing up for an undefeated season and the opportunity to be champs of the Big 10 Leaders division. Now one of a handful of undefeated Division I teams remaining with Alabama’s loss, Buckeye fans that bleed scarlet and gray are asking, “If only” questions that can only be answered – well, like Cleveland – next year. Can the Irish get into the BCS title game? Maybe this is the year for Notre Dame fans. The stars could be lining up for that possibility. Can Kansas State finish unbeaten? Or Oregon? Typically, someone falters down the stretch. We will see.

Ahhh, an empty mailbox – well, except for bills and a lot less junk-mail – and a home phone that rarely rings can only mean one thing of course; the election is over. Now we will find out if our Congressional leaders and the White House can work together to avoid the so called, “fiscal cliff” as it is being termed. Perhaps a better phrase might be, “fiscal divide”, as that is what this seemingly is all about. Raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans, yep, they can afford it, as they can also afford the attorney’s to find the loopholes and deductions. Maybe our leaders should just cut expenses like most of us have had to do so we can buy food, pay for insurance, taxes, and the big one, fill the gas tank. But what do I know?

I am cautiously optimistic about the new Abraham Lincoln movie starring Daniel Day Lewis. The movie is already being bandied about as the one to beat when it comes to the Oscars. Might be a good film for history class. As a history buff, I am looking forward to seeing it.

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