Mark’s Musings – November 15, 2017

| November 13, 2017

Mark Fortune

Thank you to all of our Veterans. A nice crowd attended the annual service held at the court square on Friday, Nov. 10 and there was also a nice gathering to celebrate Veteran’s at our local Wal-Mart on Saturday, Nov. 11. Thank you.

Our community stands together more than at any other time of the year during November and December. There are many opportunities to help others in our midst during this time of Thanksgiving and the holidays. Whether you donate to a local food pantry, the charity of your choice, provide a meal or two for a neighbor or someone in need, give to the United Way, Salvation Army, Operation Christmas Child or others, the needs are always great and somehow, the people of Coshocton County always respond. The spirit of giving is great in our community. May it always remain this way.

Apparently the millions of dollars spent on “Say No to State Issue 2” were successful as it went down to defeat in overwhelming fashion. Does anyone really know what this issue was all about? And more importantly, who, exactly, was going to benefit from a successful passage? Not really sure on this one and in talking to several voters, that kind of summed it up. Confused. On the positive side, the issue was presented to the public and we were allowed to decide its fate.

Some of you may follow Ron Paul from time to time. This is not Rand Paul, but the former did also make a run for the Presidency. Several recent comments from Mr. Ron Paul are not favorable to the President’s choice for taking over the helm of the Federal Reserve. President Trump recently nominated Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell to be the next Chairman. In not quite sticking with the promises of the campaign, Mr. Powell is more of the same. His experience is from the investment banking side of things and he would be one of the few who have run the Fed to not have a Ph.D.

There are two games left on the Buckeyes regular season schedule – with the big one at that place up north at high noon on Saturday, Nov. 25. Then, perhaps, perhaps, a trip to the Big10 championship game on Dec. 2 against Wisconsin. The question is this, could the Buckeyes, despite two losses, scratch their way back into the college football playoff by winning the next two games and then beating the Badgers? It is possible. The Alabama-Auburn game on Nov. 25 looms large as the Crimson Tide is hurting. Auburn rolled over the then number one team Georgia this past weekend. Stranger things have happened in the playoff. Just win baby, just win, as the saying goes. Everything else will take care of itself.

The polls seemed steady on Election Day despite it being what they call “an off year”. Thank you to all of the poll workers that get up early, gather up the crockpots, chips, snacks and cookies. Here is a possible suggestion for the 2018 election – perhaps this could work. What about us voters getting to participate in the consuming of said snacks, crockpot goodies, cookies and chips. This could lead to a record voter turnout! A record I say! Of course, to participate we voters would have to bring something to the party. So it’s really just a big all day long pot luck.

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