Mark’s Musings – November 26, 2014

| November 25, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Santa has arrived in Coshocton! Kids of all ages bundled from head to toe lined the parade route on a cold Friday evening in November to welcome the jolly ol’ guy to the community for another Christmas season. Glad I got those insulated boots!

Our community certainly knows when to pull together and the holiday season is no exception. There are many needs in our community – and it is easy to become a bit jaded or perhaps overwhelmed when you think about the needs versus the resources available. But if everyone could just do something – even a little bit – then it would be a huge amount of resources – whether in time or money – to invest in Coshocton County.

Can the Buckeyes climb another rung or two before the season ends? Now at number six in the playoff picture the boys in scarlet and gray have continued to improve – perhaps beyond what the pundits expected. Only two more regular season opponents remain – and both should be fairly “easy” wins but take nothing for granted in the Big10! As we all know that last game of the year (not including the conference championship game) is anyone’s game. But we all know that that “team up north” has fallen on some hard times. The conference championship game is the cincher. But let’s not look ahead like the kids will be doing tonight with Santa Claus!

In about two weeks (or less) the kiddies will be clamoring, “How many more days until Christmas?” This is when you take a calendar – you know – the old fashioned kind that you hang on the wall – and let them “x” out the days. I’m sure there’s an app too. Or, pick up an Advent calendar like you see on Christmas Vacation (I know – that is quite a combination of things) but you have to admit that movie ranks just behind “A Christmas Story” on the holiday movie list. And don’t forget “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

Our focus this next week is to be thankful. We are thankful for our family and friends, our community and country. For many families this has been a difficult year; maybe suffering from the loss of a loved one, perhaps a job loss or getting the news of a disease. I hope that everyone can take a few moments to reflect on the positives in their life regardless of the negative news that bombards us on a daily basis.

Here at The Beacon we’re thankful for this community and the kind words people express about the paper. It means a lot to our team. We’re thankful for our advertisers that allow us to continue publishing The Beacon for Coshocton County. For the folks that contribute their news and ideas. For the folks at Hopewell Industries that package the paper and ensure it gets to the post office, the folks at the post offices and the carriers that deliver the paper to our readers. It really takes an entire community to publish The Beacon. And we are thankful that we are a part of this community.

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