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| November 29, 2016
Mark Fortune

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The 2016 Coshocton Redskins varsity football team certainly gave our community a season to remember with a solid performance every game and a strong playoff run that went all the way to the state semifinals before it ended this past Saturday night. The Redskins gave it their all every play, every quarter and every game. These young men, the coaching staff, parents, fans, band members, cheerleaders, managers and the Coshocton administration deserve to be more than proud of the 2016 season.

2016 was a season that started on a new artificial surface that came from donations provided by the community. A season that saw records broken, number one teams defeated and an outstanding group of young men that will cherish the memories of the 2016 season for the rest of their lives. Congratulations.

It was quite a game. Double overtime! And a win! What more would you want for the annual blockbuster matchup against TTUN? Maybe the only thing waiting in the wings is a certain route to the playoffs. That route will be made more clear– somehow–on Tuesday after the new rankings are unveiled.

There are several scenarios unfolding–but someone–somewhere–is going to be unhappy. It is doubtful that Buckeye fans will be displeased when the four team national championship playoff bracket is announced. It is more likely that a Penn State or Washington will be left on the sidelines, so to speak. Meanwhile, Buckeye fans are looking at Clemson as the most likely opponent. And that could be in the Fiesta Bowl. Buckeye fans are quite familiar with the site as one of both happiness and remorse. But the Fiesta history is certainly more on the positive side of things than on the negative side for the Buckeyes.

As I write this column on Monday morning, Nov. 28 a tragedy on the OSU campus leaves us with a feeling of dread and sadness. No victory on the football field or anywhere else for that matter, can take the place of the loss of life or the pain and anguish of those injured.

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. The Hallmark Channel. All three are significant players as we plunge head first into the 2016 holiday season. Online sales are said to be up huge and Cyber Monday will be no exception to this. Many people are reporting that they have already concluded their shopping but are you really ever completely done? Even on Christmas Eve – you remind yourself that you forgot that one little trinket or stocking stuffer that you had on the list – for someone. You just don’t recall who!

And speaking of “Who”, what about the village of Whoville and the Grinch? I caught the tail end of what used to be my favorite Christmas show (okay, I am a bit odd and I admit it) before “A Christmas Story” came along. And as all good, solid faithful followers of Mark’s Musings are aware, that is my favorite now. And will remain so. Even a remake would have to fall well below the line in this area. And how would they? How could they?

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