Mark’s Musings – November 7, 2012

| November 7, 2012
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Gosh, I don’t what I’m going to do with all the extra time now that the election is over. Or is it? I am writing this column on Election Day so the results are not final. I’m referring to all the time saved looking at the phone numbers as the phone rings, and then deciding whether or not to answer. Don’t you love knowing who is calling if you have that feature on your phone? More time saved sorting through the mail with dozens of postcards received during this election cycle. More time saved from not channel surfing to avoid the name calling, mis-representations – or twisting – of the truth on television commercials and more. You understand.

I appreciate the patience and understanding of our readers with this week’s edition. We felt it was important to be able to provide you with local election results as quickly as possible rather than next week which would normally happen. So you are perhaps receiving this issue of The Beacon on Thursday – unless you grabbed one at your favorite store on Wednesday. Thanks for continuing to read and support The Beacon. As far as a local print publication with a strong focus on news content, The Beacon reaches more households – and that means readers – than any other print publication in Coshocton County.

I believe that the results of this year’s election will have longer term implications than any in recent history. Both presidential candidates see the direction our country needs to take from a distinctly different view. This is not always the case. Some elections have not had two candidates with diametrically opposing viewpoints and strategies. Both believe strongly in their strategy. Which is the correct path? It is difficult to know for certain. I do know this, as I have pointed out in past columns, the amount of money spent on the presidential campaign is absurd and frankly, wasteful. I would imagine the folks along the eastern seaboard might agree, at least this week.

The situation in New York City, Long Island, the New Jersey shore, and other locations hit hard by the storm are recovering slowly. My prediction is that their situation is worse than reported by the major news media. It is challenging if not impossible, to understand the dire straits these people are facing when we live in our rural community. Imagine living in a high rise building without food, heat, electricity and perhaps even water. I am not sure if it is that bad, we will find out once the election is over. Thankfully, the Mayor of New York City had the courage to cancel the marathon. That would have been shameful with so many suffering.

I hope you took the time to vote.

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