Mark’s Musings – November 7, 2018

| November 6, 2018

Mark Fortune

And here we go! The holidays are headed our way in a hurry. Once the election is over and all the commercials and mailers go away, I think we naturally start thinking about Thanksgiving, turkey, the game with TTUN and of course, Christmas. At this point of course we can be thankful that the election is over and those nasty commercials are gone. I guess I am always a bit confused when I see one candidate’s commercial state one thing and then in the next 30 minutes the other candidate says something totally the opposite. The obvious conclusion – at least to my brain – is that someone is not telling us the truth. But that’s just me.

How ‘bout those Ridgewood Generals!! The boys in orange and black pounded out a first round Division V playoff win against Amanda Clearcreek on Saturday night in West Lafayette and will face the Meadowbrook Colts in a second round game this Saturday night, Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. The game will be played at a neutral field – in this case at New Philadelphia Woody Hayes Quaker Stadium. Congratulations Ridgewood Generals and good luck!

I am not bold enough to make any election predictions – I will leave that to the pundits and talking heads. I am writing this column on the Monday prior to the election. I think many, if not most, of the races will be close. Governor races in particular. Mid-term elections have typically served as a referendum on the sitting President and 2018 will probably be no different. With the economy in full swing, unemployment at a historical low, tax cuts on the horizon for most Americans when they file their taxes this spring you would think that the Republicans would hang on to Congress. Yet, that has not usually been the case as the mid-term elections usually do not bode well for the President’s party. That reinforces that there is a lot more that goes into people’s voting opinions than the numbers.

We will know Wednesday whether it was close, a Red Wave or a Blue Wave. Politico is showing a house controlled by the Democrats and the Republicans retain the Senate. The important thing is to vote so your opinion – regardless of party – can be felt.

The Buckeyes moved up to number eight in the polls while TTUN is in the fourth spot. The Buckeyes better not look too far ahead on the schedule as the Spartans are Saturday’s opponent – and the game is in East Lansing. This is always a tough game on the road for the Buckeyes and it could very well determine how they mentally go into the final game of the regular season. Maryland is the opponent in between Michigan State and TTUN.

There are lots of positive things happening in Coshocton County – businesses are expanding, new businesses are opening, there are opportunities for employment – the Three Rivers Bridge project keeps rolling along and the new McDonald’s is getting close to opening. Things are happening and the positive energy continues to build for all of us here in Coshocton County.

Let’s remember those that have served and are serving our nation on this Veteran’s Day. Thank you.

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