Mark’s Musings – Oct. 15, 2014

| October 14, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Nice Browns win! But apparently it came at a cost with some injuries. I’m not sure what the Browns record is versus the Steelers over the past five years – but I think it favors the Steelers. Maybe.

Were we told that the Ebola virus was “not a threat to the U.S.?” not that long ago? With one person now dead from the disease and a nurse diagnosed with the virus – and the fifty people that she was in close contact with being watched – where could this go in the next two weeks? Let’s hope and pray that our health care officials have a good handle on it.

The world seems filled with crisis right now. Do we just hear about things more quickly due to social media, the major news outlets garnering for ratings points or are there more concerns? Reflecting back over the past several decades would find a similar number of crises – with many in this country – let alone around the world.

Looks like I was totally off base on the baseball playoffs. That’s what happens when you don’t watch anyone except the Indians and an occasional few innings of Reds baseball. It looks like it will be Kansas City and the Cardinals – maybe? We will know by the weekend. At least the Buckeyes are back in action.

Let’s turn our attention to the local scene. The city has done a nice job of patching our streets – there were a lot of places that required a significant amount of work as you can see while driving. Thanks city crews for your efforts!

The annual Apple Butter Stirrin’ hits the streets of Roscoe Village this weekend as artisans, craftsman and vendors prepare for the annual fall treat in our restored canal town. The scent of apple butter drifts along the street with the crowd – let’s hope for a great weekend of weather!

Also this weekend is the annual Farm Fall Foliage Tour – with the southwestern portion of Coshocton County being the prime travel route. You can pick up your map at the Animal Boutique & Villas just off Airport Road. You know, just look for the largest American Flag in Coshocton County – proudly flown by Glendon Mullett – and turn there then it’s just a short drive on Airport Road and to the left. As those that still use MapQuest know (yes, I am one of those people that has not purchased a Garmin or whatever yet) if you make it all the way to our local airport –you have went a bit too far. Like about a half mile too far. So, if you happen to get to the top of the hill – turn around – head back down the hill and watch for the signs to go get your map. Have fun and see you on the course somewhere.

Speaking of courses – someone told me that the RV Black Bears boys cross country team won the ECOL – with Steven Scheetz champion and runner of the year with head Coach Gwenna Neal named the ECOL cross country coach of the year. The RV girls’ team was ECOL runner-ups. Congratulations!

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