Mark’s Musings – Oct. 29, 2014

| October 28, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

The debate about year round school began Monday in the Ohio Legislature, beginning with the senate. Many schools around the nation already have what is called a “year round school calendar.” You can do a google search and find many school districts following a year round calendar already. And while on the surface this may sound like students (and everyone else involved in school) would attend school 12/365, they do not. In fact, when we resided in another state which does have a “year round calendar,” our child had several longer breaks during the year with a longer summer break. The first thing to decide is what “year round’ really means. Or is the first thing to examine to see if this is – really – a good idea?

The first place to start – it would seem – would be with the teachers. What do they think? What about the coaches and those in charge of extra curriculum activities. What about parents? Isn’t it nice to have a (sometimes) break from running to and fro after the youngsters that are not old enough to drive – or perhaps the economics of the family prevent a youngster from driving at all? Last time I checked two of our local school districts have students that live quite a distance from their school.

What about school maintenance needs beyond the scope of stripping and waxing the floor? Gymnasium floor needs? Roofing needs? Major capital expenditures and repairs? School bus maintenance and repairs? Sure, I know that many of these can be handled throughout the typical school calendar but some are more challenging year round.

And how many of you know teachers that actually – really – really – take the summer off? Not many would be my guess here. But a constant teaching curriculum – that is – in front of the students – may not be healthy for either student or faculty.

I would like to hear some outside opinions on this one for sure. The above is just my opinion in a way that is trying to examine things beyond the classroom. But perhaps that should be at the root of the conversation and debate. I just don’t think it should be the only thing.

Let’s turn to another subject near and dear to our hearts – the Buckeyes! A thrilling win that should not have come down to the wire. We all know this of course. The Buckeyes are number 13 in both polls after week 10 of the rankings. I do not believe they will make the four team playoff – but – but – could – with a win over Michigan State – eke into the Big10 title game against (probably) Nebraska. Considering where they started, and how they looked the first couple of games after losing Braxton Miller to a season ending injury – that would be a nice way to cap off the season. But getting past the Spartans will not be an easy task. Go Bucks!

Browns – yes, they should win these games. More impressive – the Steelers win over the Colts. Sorry, gotta say it. Good luck RV Cross Country boys at state!

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