Mark’s Musings – October 03, 2012

| October 2, 2012
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Been to the fair? The weather has been absolutely fairtastic, the food is great as always and seeing friends from times past and present is also enjoyable. The fair always generates fond memories for me, and I am sure for many as they relive the days of their youth when times were carefree and bodies were full of energy. Sitting next to my Mom and Dad in the Junior Fair Arena for even a short time on Saturday prior to the pygmy goat show certainly brought forth past show days when Hunter Arena did not exist and the Junior Fair Arena was the only place for showing. At least that is how I remember it.

Black Angus cattle. That is what I showed and as I told one fairgoer on Sunday, I used to walk that dang steer all the way down our road almost to the highway and virtually every night, it would get away from me and run all the way back to the barn. Thankfully it went home. Those were good days indeed and I imagine I am not the only “older” 4-Her or “former” FFA member that remembers the “good ol’ days”.

The opening ceremony of the fair on Saturday was great with good attendance and fine representation of our local youth in the junior fair king and queen contest. Congratulations to all of the youth that participated and special congratulations to Jr. Fair Queen Justine Moran and Jr. Fair King Derek Hoffman.

The OSTPA truck and tractor pull were both terrific as was Bullmania and the Sunday evening show featuring Doublecut and Chris Higbee. Country is what our area is about and the grandstand was enthusiastic for both of these fine groups.

By the time you read this week’s Beacon, the 161st Coshocton County Fair will almost be in the history books. Please attend the junior fair livestock auction on Thursday evening – beginning at 5:30 p.m. in Hunter Arena with the sale of champions. Our area youth work hard from spring to fair on their projects and they deserve to at least make something on their project. With the cost of both livestock and feed increasing, this year’s auction is important. Thanks in advance for your support.

The Buckeyes are 5-0 so it appears that Coach Meyer and the young Buckeyes are for real. Time will tell.

On to the farm bill. This vital piece of legislation for our farmers now sits on the shelf as Congress (House) went home until November without passing the bill. That is a travesty.  Or so some say. Others say little impact except for dairy farmers and the price of dairy products. If you are a dairy farmer you probably already know the impact the lack of passage will have. The Senate version of the bill is 1010 pages long in case you want to research it. Have fun with that.

Section 4004 of the bill does address lottery winners – declaring that, “Any household in which a member receives substantial lottery or gambling winnings, as determined by the Secretary, shall lose eligibility for benefits immediately upon receipt of the winnings.”  Take a look. Better yet, examine the bill.

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