Mark’s Musings – October 16, 2013

| October 15, 2013
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Lots going on. We all know there are a lot of issues affecting our country right now. Perhaps the positive way to view all the current activities in Washington is that it may increase voter counts on Nov. 5. We can only hope. With what is often termed an “off year election,” voter turnout tends to dip somewhat. On the local level, there are several levies that affect us county wide and The Beacon will be providing information on those and more in the Oct. 30 edition.

This weekend brings the annual Apple Butter Stirrin’ at Roscoe Village along with high school football games, district cross county events, soccer and high school volleyball and the Black Bear Marching Band Invitational. Local teams and athletes are gearing up for a tournament run. Let’s root ‘em all on to success!

As a nation, we, the people, continue to bear the brunt of Washington’s misaligned and simply out of touch views. To think for a moment that the folks in the nation’s capital listen to the average American anymore would be simply illogical. How can they listen to the average folk when they are too busy accepting huge political contributions from major corporations and lobbyists? The simple truth is that – they can’t. The system is out of control like a runaway freight train speeding across the Great Plains and is it any wonder that many Americans have given up hope that it can be restrained any time soon.

The coal miners monument dedication is this weekend and this is quite an accomplishment and an example of what can happen when people work together to honor local heroes of the past. A thanks goes out to all those that made this happen. Mining coal is a proud part of our county’s history.

Also this weekend is the official dedication ceremony for the new Coshocton Elementary School. This is something to be proud of in our community and represents a giant step forward for educating our children all under one roof. Grades will improve as the children adapt to a brand new environment. Common sense thinking will tell you that this will take some time as the kids and everyone adapts to a positive change. That is to be expected as are some minor issues and challenges that will be overcome. The parents of the children will have a lot to do with this – a bunch of complaining around the dinner table or in conversation with the kids will affect how they think. How could it not? Think before you speak – your message is an influence one way or the other. Keep it positive and help support this change. Little ears are listening and watching.

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