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Mark’s Musings – October 17, 2018

| October 16, 2018

Mark Fortune

Okay, I voted already so that does mean I can “opt out” of all the political phone calls, mail, emails, texts (yes, we are now receiving those too except they are not addressed to me), television and internet commercials, etc., etc. I know the answer to this question of course – but a guy can dream can’t he? At the very least I can now “tune out” as the saying goes.

I have always been a bit confused by the amount of money spent on a political campaign. I realize that I am just a naïve and innocent ‘ol farm boy at heart but when a candidate (or those that represent that candidate) spend millions to get someone elected when the job pays – let’s say, in the case of the Ohio governor’s position – the job pays $148,886. That’s not peanuts as we all know.

But the amount of money spent on the 2018 Ohio Governor’s race is going to be one of the most expensive in U.S. governor’s races ever with $28.7 million spent according to the Springfield News Sun. Other websites have the amount raised hovering around the $30 million mark with Mike DeWine leading Richard Cordray by several million dollars. It must be noted that Cordray was not allowed to raise funds while he was the head of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Obviously the Governor of Ohio is a powerful position within the state and in the nation as our state is blessed to be a crossroads of industry, agriculture, education and leads the nation in many categories of health care and technological advancements. Any group, party or organization would certainly want “their” candidate residing in the Governor’s mansion in Columbus and are thus willing to put up the money in this high stakes race.

The Indians went quietly back to the shores of Lake Erie following their three game sweep at the hands of the Astros – and the players go – well, they go wherever ball players tend to go in the winter. Someplace warm I suppose. Speaking of baseball, both championship series are tied 1-1 as I write this column on Monday.

The Buckeyes moved up to number two following – I think – the Georgia loss having more significance than the Buckeyes performance against the Gophers. There were more holes in the Buckeyes defensive line than a neighborhood of gophers could make in a month but despite the yards churned out the Gophers helped beat themselves with turnovers and missed opportunities. The game against TTUN is looming ever larger on the schedule as “The Game” just like it has so many times before.

Our community celebrates 76 years of the Coshocton Soil & Water Conservation District this week with the annual meeting set for Thursday evening, Oct. 18. The folks that serve – and work in – our agricultural community – our largest industry by far – are hard-working and often under appreciated. Thank you so much for everything that you do to help feed not only this community but the world. It is recognized and appreciated.

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