Mark’s Musings – October 23, 2013

| October 22, 2013
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Positive Change. Milestone Moment. Lots of smiling, happy faces on children and adults alike. A huge accomplishment for our community and the city of Coshocton. A significant effort and wise use of resources, organizations and space. Those are just a few of the spoken words and the thoughts that ran through my own mind as I attended the dedication ceremony for the new Coshocton Elementary School. Yes, opening day had its own challenges – gee, do you think that might happen despite the best organizational efforts of teachers and administrators as they merged three schools, belongings, supplies and more into one? Some challenges would be expected in any move of this level. I, for one, applaud the efforts of everyone involved that made this happen. What a terrific achievement for Coshocton, the Coshocton City Schools and our community. Our children are blessed to have people with vision and courage. The brand new Coshocton Elementary School will be a game changer for the children of Coshocton.

The Buckeyes need some help in the next few weeks to have a shot at being in the national championship game. I was as surprised as many of you to see Florida State vault over the Ducks in the first BCS standings released Sunday evening. But beating Clemson at home is a big deal. Still, a solid four is not a bad spot to be in but the schedule will not help.

The Browns need to bounce back – can they? The Steelers apparently had had enough of being the division’s whipping post – at least so far this year. They’ll get it going; they’re the Steelers after all. Sorry Browns fans; you know it to be true. And I’m not even looking at the upcoming schedules. Too much pride, too much history.

World Series – Boston versus the Cardinals. I don’t much care either way but if I had to pick one – Boston? I’ll let you know next week. Ha, ha.

Beautiful Sunday weather wrapped up the Apple Butter Stirrin’ in Roscoe Village – and the Fall Foliage Tour. Compliments to Sam Bennett on having a dream, working hard to inspire others to grab hold of that dream and for making it come true. I am speaking, of course, about the Coal Miner’s Monument now proudly anchored on the Chestnut Street side of the Coshocton County Courthouse.

Are you ready to vote? There are several levies on the local ballot along with city council and township trustees. The Beacon will be looking at the levies and city council candidates in the Oct. 30 edition, the last issue published prior to the Nov. 5 election. We will do our best to provide you with a question and answer look at the local levies and candidates.

Thanks to our readers and advertisers for continuing to support Coshocton County’s most requested weekly newspaper. The Beacon has been published – continuously – since May 1, 2008. Thank you.

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Mark Fortune, along with his wife Nancy, is the former owner and founder of The Coshocton County Beacon, the highest circulated newspaper in Coshocton County. He has over 40 years in the publishing business with sales, marketing, and journalism experience. After selling The Beacon to the AloNovus Corp., in January 2020, Mark has been a Business Development Strategist with the company. They publish a network of weekly news publications with almost a half million distribution weekly, a quarterly tourism magazine and a digital division. Mark enjoys history, and has a passion for genealogy, currently researching and discovering his Fortune ancestry. He and his wife Nancy live on a small farm outside of Coshocton.

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