Mark’s Musings – October 3, 2018

| October 2, 2018

Mark Fortune

Well, the 167th annual Coshocton County Fair will just about be in the history books when you read this column. As it is, we are at the halfway point as I throw some words on paper here on Monday morning. I think one of the things that we take for granted at our local fair is that things are – for the most part – in the same place each year. If you are a somewhat regular fairgoer you know where to find your favorite ride, favorite food, favorite species of livestock, favorite vendor or whatever you fancy. I like that. It’s nice that there is still some consistency remaining in the world.

The fair enjoyed a fantastic weekend of weather as evidenced by a large crowd – the weather on the opening weekend of the fair always plays a large factor in the overall attendance numbers. All indications are that the numbers are positive.

On the sports front there were several exciting games over the weekend – the Buckeyes would be at the top of most people’s lists – followed by the Browns almost overtime win against the Raiders – and in baseball two of the division races came down to the final day forcing a one game playoff to determine the division winner and playoff scenarios. The dilemma for the winner of those games is that – depending on who wins – they go right back to another one game playoff in the wildcard race. Now that’s high stakes.

I haven’t touched on the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to this point but I see a Congress that – at some point – may be returning to the days of old when shouting matches, fistfights and other not so niceties were – while not common – certainly a part of Congressional sessions. Check your history and you may even find a duel or two somewhere down through history. Of course, the most famous duel in American politics was that between sitting Vice-President Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton – with Hamilton on the losing side. The popularity of the Broadway musical has no doubt informed tens of thousands of this once almost forgotten escapade.

Let’s return to the fair. We appreciate everyone that stopped by the Beacon booth during the fair and told us that they appreciate the paper and read it from cover to cover. Many others stopped to pick up a copy of the monthly real estate magazine, “Homes & More of Coshocton County”, a fair program, a copy of the CVB Magazine for Coshocton County, Portrait Magazine, the Wedding Planner or other products that our company publishes. Thank you everyone!

There is a lot to see and do at the 167th annual Coshocton County Fair. Our fair comes at the perfect time of the year – with harvest season upon us and the leaves starting to turn – that backdrop provides an idyllic atmosphere for our fair. Some folks spend every day at the fair – especially those with livestock projects – or a booth in one of the commercial buildings. Others may come out for a day or a few hours or some harness racing. Rest assured that most folks that attend the fair for an hour or the entire week walk lots of steps – which is a good thing when you consider that just about everyone also has a favorite . . . fair . . . food. Enjoy it while you can – time is short and the choices are many.

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