Mark’s Musings – October 30, 2013

| October 29, 2013
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Let’s wish the Ridgewood Lady Generals varsity volleyball team good luck and best wishes in their regional tournament match this Wednesday! Way to go Lady General’s players, head coach Kayla Crozier and all the parents, coaches and all those that help them along the way. What a terrific season thus far for these girls – with some exciting and challenging matches along the way. Let’s go Lady Generals!

Now, let’s turn to the Coshocton Redskins boys’ varsity soccer team – let’s go Redskins! Coach Brian Dunlap and the boys from Coshocton are rolling – and as mentioned above, it takes more than just the players to be successful – it takes the parents, fans, school support and more. We all know that when the players are on the field or on the court – they are the ones that make it all happen but there is always a lot that goes on behind the scenes. The ‘Skins play Wednesday in the regional semifinal.

The River View boys cross country team just missed going to the state as a team – keep in mind that is as a team. Some years, a few of the boys will make it to state under the individual performance – that is, in the top 16 in the regional. But nothing can be taken away from how these young men – and young women – performed this year. Head coach Gwenna Neal said, “I am so proud of this team and how they have performed this year. Coaching this group of athletes has been a joy.”

This week marks the final football game of the high school regular season and River View, Coshocton and Ridgewood are all playing for pride. Not that they don’t do that every week. As you root on your favorite team, player, band member, cheerleader or coach this Friday night – remember that when these boys first suit up during the hot days of late July and August – they do so with pride and respect for their school and teammates. Sometimes the season goes the way you want it to and sometimes it does not. Regardless of how that roller coaster rides all of these youngsters deserve recognition and encouragement from their community. The adversity that they learn and overcome with high school sports will help them later in life.

Okay, the Buckeyes – may finish the season undefeated which will allow Urban Meyer to no doubt have the most wins in a row as an OSU head football coach. Braxton Miller is phenomenal and if he hadn’t got hurt – I would think Heisman. He is that good. The Penn State game proved it. The Buckeyes made a statement but to no avail in the BCS rankings. There are still several games to go so let’s keep our fingers crossed and the Buckeye necklace handy.

The upcoming election – locally there are several levies depending on where you reside. The Beacon editorial staff has made a significant effort to provide you with a glance at each of the five city council at large candidates – by using a question and answer method. We applied that same methodology to the two levies in the city – the street levy and the Coshocton City Schools levy, and the county levies. We did not explore the various township levies in depth. All of these levies are important to our community and you, the voter, must decide for yourself the value. We ask that you consider all of the facts before voting.

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