Mark’s Musings – Sept. 17, 2014

| September 16, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Ahhhh, bacon, bacon and more bacon. Our community responded in more than a bacon bit way to the first Appalachian Bacon Nation event held Saturday in downtown Coshocton. Brad Fuller and his group of volunteers, major sponsor Kraft Foods, and all those that participated deserve a big “thank you” for putting our community on the map in a – positive way. It seems that lately we are making the news for all the wrong reasons. This event had great weather, great people and of course – bacon. What could be more ideal? Even a BLT touted as the world’s largest made the stage, so to speak. A king and queen of bacon even. An eating contest . . . what more could you add besides – another piece of bacon.

The weather this past weekend – terrific. The Buckeyes rolled over in state rival Kent State – and looked like the team we expect to see week in and week out. But East Carolina beating Virginia Tech – at home no less – means? Maybe nothing. Time will tell.

And that brings us to the Browns! A last minute drive leading to a game winning field goal brings back memories of the 1980 Kardiac Kids. An exciting and thrilling finish to say the least.

The only downer to the weekend in a sports way was the Tribe losing three to the Tigers. I think that the season could have swung to the no playoff picture and end of season winning streak with those losses. But you never know.

Will winter come early this year? It has out west. Our hummingbirds were still here as of Sunday. They continue to stock up on food for their long trip south. I presume they are still going.

Has a strategy emerged for battling ISIS or ISIL – the acronym varies depending on whom you are listening to. The United States cannot allow this group to continue plundering and terrorizing Iraq and Syria. After watching the first episode of “The Roosevelt’s” on PBS Sunday evening (yeh, I know, there was football on – what can I say) I am fairly confident in writing that Theodore Roosevelt would have used a big stick in this case. Is the world more complicated than it was in the early 1900’s? Probably.

And some wonder why Turkey will not permit – at least as of this writing – war planes from staging air strikes from their country. Does the word “Constantinople” mean anything to you? Those that have a grasp of Middle Ages history know that it was a nasty time and maybe this has something to do with it? Or it could be nothing.

It’s almost time for the Coshocton County Fair! My favorite time of year – fall, food and fellowship. The fair is the signature event of our community and has been for over 150 years. Back in the day, a trip to the fair was a big deal for families – men in suits, women in their finery and kids adorned in – well, whatever kids wore back then to be fashionable. I imagine their Sunday best or close to it. The fair starts Friday, Sept. 26.

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