Mark’s Musings – Sept. 24, 2014

| September 23, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

I can keep this one light or move on to some heavier stuff. I think we can keep it light with the county fair starting this Friday! And since the Buckeyes didn’t play this past Saturday there is nothing to fuss – or gloat – about. The Buckeyes are still in the top 25 and this week brings on the Cincinnati Bearcats. Penn State is looking like a potential tough opponent. And we know that Michigan State looms large this year.

The Browns seem to be trading last second field goals at the moment. At least the games are close and that is a promising sign. Who knows how much the Ray Rice debacle has affected the Ravens. Women should be up in arms over this and how the NFL err, fumbled the issue. Unfortunately incidents like these tend to overshadow the well behaved players and all of the positive contributions made by players and teams. But this type of behavior needs to be closely scrutinized and unacceptable at all levels. Again, as this author has written in previous columns – parents need to be wary of whom they idolize as this rolls down to our kids.

Okay, I digress a bit. Let’s head back to the county fair. French fries, corn dogs (my personal favorite fair food), popcorn, donuts, pizza by the slice or a whole pie, hamburgers, pumpkin pie, hot dogs, foot long hot dogs, pretzels, peanuts, apple cider, Italian sausage, lemonade, those yummy Rotary donuts, food at your favorite school eat stand, chili, more chili, cheese on the chili, ketchup and salt (and one of my folks just said, “what about malt vinegar?”) on the French fries, steak sandwiches, hoagies, delicious ice cream with your favorite toppings at the dairy stand and several other locations, chopped steak sandwiches, apple cider, cotton candy, pies, cakes, cookies and more super good baked goods at the baked goods and pie auctions, and much, much more. I will fill you in next week.

And the food is just one part of our wonderful county fair. Junior Fair Royalty, horse racing, demolition derby, (should have kept that old BMW – talk about a rock solid demo car) junior fair shows, kids tired and exhausted, rides, exhibits, ag hall, art hall, midway concessions and games, arcade (where I spent many a morning, afternoon and evenings as a kid), those big pumpkins and squashes in the ag building where the aroma of apples and other goodies fills the crisp autumn air, the flashing lights of the “older kids” rides, the noise and beeping of the “little kids” rides, the pony ride, livestock barns and more.

It’s a real fair – let’s go! The 163rd Coshocton County Fair starts Friday, Sept. 26 and ends with the junior fair sale – with the sale of champions beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 2 in Hunter Arena.

What’s your favorite fair food? Let me know when you see me at the fair. I’ll be munching on something! Oh, almost forgot, caramel and candy apples! How could I? Just for that misstep I’ll have to eat two.

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