Mark’s Musings – September 05, 2012

| September 4, 2012
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Although this column is a couple of days past Labor Day, I would like to thank all of those that work the tough jobs, the thankless jobs, in our community and nation. All of us know that we owe a debt of gratitude to the men and women that serve in law enforcement, emergency responders, and firefighters – those that take care of us when bad things happen. And we should always be appreciative of not only the paid first responders but also to those that volunteer their time and services; volunteer fire fighters, REACT, Red Cross and many others that I will forget to mention in this column.

The teachers, coaches, administrators, cooks, janitorial staff, maintenance, bus drivers, mechanics and more that keep our schools running smoothly and educate our kids deserve our appreciation and thanks.

The folks that staff our LOCAL hospital, from the nurses to the dieticians (yes, I think we should all agree that the Coshocton Hospital serves up some pretty good food) to the hospital administration and staff, doctors, technicians and all of the other positions that I cannot name. And let’s not forget those Pink Ladies! Thanks to the elected officials and folks that staff our local city, county and government offices. Thanks to those that work and volunteer at our local agencies and organizations.

Let’s make sure we thank the men and women that keep our lights on – isn’t life hard when there is no electricity? Think back to early July and the storms that had many without power, air conditioning and all the other comforts that we take for granted and the folks that worked to restore power in unbearable heat. This includes the telephone and Time Warner gang too.

For the men and women that work hard to put food on the table for their families in our factories – and endured the hottest summer yet on record – your sacrifice often goes without appreciation except from your family and loved ones – your sweat and toil still makes America the number one producer in the world. Whether you are mining coal, making pipe, steel, bacon, electricity or baked goods, thank you.

To those that staff our local nursing, rehabilitation and long term care facilities, you have my respect. Many of you are long term employees and do this for the love you have for other human beings. I am glad you are there. Many are just out of college and it is perhaps a first job. Do it with pride. Providing service to another is one of the greatest things you can do with your life.

To all the farmers who have endured a very tough year. Our farmers are the true backbone of our country. Never forget them and their families. How many of us really want to work seven days a week milking cows in the early morning hours and again in the late afternoon? Not many I imagine.

Truck drivers – I don’t know how you do it. Whether over the road or local, your job is tough. The roads are busier and let’s face it – there really are a lot of crazy drivers out there.

Finally, here’s to all the small business owners and those that work for them to help make that business successful – using the words of my father, “Fight, dig and scratch every day”.

Let’s all help keep America the greatest country in the world – the place where opportunity, freedom and spirit abound.

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