Mark’s Musings – September 11, 2019

| September 10, 2019

Mark Fortune

The Three Rivers Bridge project continues to move along – and for the most part I think folks have adapted to the different traffic patterns and little challenges that come with a project of this scope right in your very own backyard. One thing that we know for certain, all of the frustrations that come with this will be more than worth it when we see the end result – and get to happily drive on it!

You can be more than certain that there is a lot of frustration in Cleveland this morning. What happened seems appropriate as the pre-season vaunted Browns got their lunch and dinner handed to them by the Titans on Sunday. Now we will see what the team is truly made of going forward. There were positives – the Browns outgained the Titans and many pundits just think that the Browns cost themselves the game. Probably so – time will tell.

It was not a positive week all around for the pro football teams that folks follow here in Coshocton County – for the most part. The Bengals came close and the Steelers did not. But having your opening game against the six time Super Bowl champions is a tough way to start the season.

Are you getting ready for the big event of the year? The Coshocton County Fair! The fair starts on Friday, Sept. 27 and promises to be the exciting event that it always is with the delicious and tasty – and probably not so good for you – fair food! Come on, who can’t eat at least one order of French Fries?

And let’s face the facts about fall. It’s about the food – whether you’re gathered around a campfire roasting hot dogs or getting a marshmallow just the right tint of brown for S’mores. Then you have the chili, pumpkin pie and all the rest of the goodies that accompanies a tasty fall meal. Then you throw in the fall sports – whether it’s football, soccer, cross country or volleyball – you have the opportunity to do some tailgating or grab something at your favorite restaurant.

As of Monday, the Tribe is one and a half games out of the wildcard race – with a pretty tough schedule remaining – it is certainly easier than that of the Twins. The experts believe that Cleveland must win 15 of their remaining games to make the playoffs. Those losses in May seem pretty important now.

The loss of William “Bill” Albert will be felt throughout our community and beyond. There are so many things that the company and employees provide at local events and more that it would take a very long list to give them all credit. Thanks Bill, for giving back to the people of Coshocton County.

Our community will also feel the loss of Roy Conrad – when I think of Roy the word family is at the top of the list. For years in a tradition that continues, the family gets together at the Conrad home on Sunday afternoon to enjoy a meal, catch up on life, share a lot of laughs and make a lot of memories. You know that these Sunday afternoons will long be treasured by the family.

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