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Mark’s Musings – September 14, 2016

| September 13, 2016
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

It seems that a fondness for the nostalgic is back. According to what I’m hearing and seeing, the 1980s and 1990s are all the rage right now. I had the ol’ disco ball out over the weekend – polishing it up for that big dance coming up. Not! Are you kidding me? Everyone knows that the 1970s was the last truly great decade for music – or rock n’ roll – really. Did someone actually put disco in the category of music? Oh my.

Okay, I know that some of you out there (NM) could take offense to the jab on disco. That’s okay. At least the 1980s saw some good Cleveland Browns football. Not much to brag about in the past couple of decades.

We have movie throwbacks (Star Trek), The Jungle Boy (good one) and remakes (Ben-Hur) from Hollywood to entice an entire generation to plunk down their hard earned dough for a movie and some popcorn. But the winner this year–at this date on the calendar–seems to be the newest release and pundit’s pick–“Sully” starring Tom Hanks and directed by Clint Eastwood. If you didn’t know, the movie is about Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (Hanks) who tries–and successfully does–make an emergency landing on the Hudson River after striking a flock of geese just shortly after takeoff on Jan. 15, 2009.

Called the “Miracle on the Hudson”, Sullenberger quickly became a national hero for his ability to make a split second decision and remain calm in the face of almost certain disaster. I have not been able to see this one yet although it is on the watch list for sure. Spoiler alert! You already know that all 155 passengers and crew survive the ordeal.

The smell of bacon wafted through the trees as I walked by the Coshocton County Court House this morning. It is a lingering nod to the recently concluded bacon festival which was held on Saturday, Sept. 10. Appreciation needs to be expressed to the folks that made sure the Appalachian Bacon Nation festival took place this year.

The Buckeyes are looking solid–and so is that team up north if you are paying attention. It could be–it should be–quite a game in November. You never know, it could be for all the marbles. This Saturday night for the men in scarlet and gray could tell the tale for this year even though it is still early in the season.

It’s almost here! What, you ask? Why, the 2016 Wings Over Coshocton Air Show of course! You can find out more about this wonderful event for our community inside this issue of The Beacon by reading the center section or the event program guide inside this issue of The Beacon.

Always a popular event, this year’s air show promises thrills for all ages. Static displays, aerobatics, the Misty Blues all woman sky diving team delivering the American flag–it’s truly a weekend to be enjoyed here in Coshocton County. So get on up to Coshocton’s very own Richard Downing airport on Saturday or Sunday or both days-and have a great time.

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